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  1. 1. 12.06.2009 Agenda of the 13th. FBE Conference in LondonThe Forum of Burmese in Europe, UK-Branch, ( FBE-UK ) has the pleasure to cordially invite you tothe 13 . FBE Conference to be held in London as follows: th • 19 June (Friday): Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s Birthday Ceremony with Thee-Lay-Thee Burmese cultural entertainment and food-stalls. Venue: Greenford Assembly Hall, Ruislip Road, Greenford, UB6 9QN, nearest Tube station Greenford (Central Line), take bus 105 or E6, then walk to Assembly Hall. From 17.00 to 22.00 hour • 20 June (Saturday): FBE Conference (Day 1), from 9.00 to 17.00 hour • 21 June (Sunday): FBE Conference (Day 2) from 9.00 to 17.00 hour Venue: Conference Hall, London Southbank University (LSBU) 90 London Road, London SE1 6LN • 22 June (Monday): Meeting with Parliamentarians at the British Parliament A G E N D A
  2. 2. 19.06.2009 (Friday) / 10.00 a.m.: Preparation of lunch for 10 monks at Colindale monastery 11.00 a.m.: Offering of lunch to the Venerable Buddhist Monks 12.00 a.m.: Lunch for invited guests 01.30 p.m.: Protest demonstration in front of the SPDC embassy 02.30 p.m.: End of the demonstration 05.00 p.m.: Opening of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s birthday event 05.30 p.m.: Special Guests’ speeches 06.00 p.m.: Burmese cultural entertainment by Thee-Lay-Thee Popular Group from Burma-Thai border 08.00 p.m.: Burmese food-stalls 10.00 p.m.: Cleaning of the hall 11.00 p.m.: End of today’s program20.06.2009 (Saturday) / Forum of Burmese in Europe Conference Day One 9.00 a.m.: Registration of the participants 9.30 a.m.: Coffee/Tea time 10.00 a.m.: Opening session 10.30 a.m.: Special guest speakers 11.00 a.m.: Selection of a facilitator, a master of ceremony and a protocol- writer 11.30 a.m.: Speech of the facilitator 11.40 a.m.: Report on the last FBE conference in Barcelona
  3. 3. 12.00 a.m.: Discussion on the report 12.30 p.m.: Lunch break 01.30 p.m.: Report on current situation in Burma, including Daw Suu’s trial 02.00 p.m.: Discussion on the report 02.20 p.m.: Analysis on SPDC 2008 Constitution 02.40 p.m.: Discussion / Resolution on 2008 Constitution 03.00 p.m.: Coffee/Tea break 03.15 p.m.: Discussion on SPDC 2010 elections 03.45 p.m.: Resolution on the SPDC 2010 elections 04.00 p.m.: Ethnic issues 04.30 p.m.: Miscellaneous 05.00 p.m.: End of Day One21.06.2009 (Sunday) / Forum of Burmese in Europe conference Day Two 09.00 a.m.: Coffee/Tea breakfast 09.30 a.m.: Selection of new facilitator and master of ceremony 10.00 a.m.: Speech of the new facilitator 10.10 a.m.: Summary of Day One program 10.20 a.m.: Discussion on the summary 10.30 a.m.: Credential Challenge 11.00 a.m.: Discussion and resolution on Credential Challenge 11.30 a.m.: ICC/ICJ and R2P 12.30 p.m.: Lunch break 01.30 p.m.: Continuation ICC/ICJ/R2P
  4. 4. 02.00 p.m.: Discussion/Resolution on ICC/ICJ/R2P 02.30 p.m.: People’s Movement in Burma 03.00 p.m.: Coffee/Tea break 03.15 p.m.: Future activities 03.45 p.m.: Preparation of Resolutions of Day One and Day Two 04.45 p.m.: Host country of 14 . FBE conference / Miscellaneous th 05.00 p.m.: End of the 13 . FBE conference th22.06.2009 (Monday) / Meeting with Parliamentarians at the British Parliament 10.00 a.m.: Guided tour in the British Parliament 12.00 a.m.: Lunch break 02.00 p.m.: Meeting with British Parliamentarians 03.00 p.m.: Sight-seeing in London : Free afternoonOn behalf of FBE-UKDr Win Naing Dr Tayzathuria Nwe Aungdrwinnaing@yahoo.com tayzathuria@yahoo.co.uk NweAung@aol.com+44 778 5568 154 +44 785 5046 422 +44 7988 207293Froyle House45 SilkfieldLondon NW9 6QU
  5. 5. The Forum of Burmese in Europe ( F B E ) represents a network of Burmese communities across Europe and isadvocating for democracy, social justice and human rights in Burma. The FBE strongly rejects the military dictatorial rule in Burma and has been working closely together with the democratic forces around the world.1