Acute Kidney Injury


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Acute Kidney Injury

  1. 1. Acute Kidney InjuryM ChettyGF Jooste Hospital11/10/2011
  2. 2.  Introduction Spectrum of disease Definitions RIFLE AKIN Common causes Biomarkers Prevention Perioperative protection RRT
  3. 3. Introduction ARF - Acute Renal Failure Recent study estimated prevalence as 5.7% Overall mortality proportional to severity of injury Morbidity also an important factor
  4. 4. Spectrum of disease
  5. 5. Definitions ARF (AKI) refers to a sudden decline in kidney function AKI more accuratel represents the spectrum/continuum of the disease However more than 35 definitions exist in the literature Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative ( proposed the RIFLE criteria
  6. 6. RIFLER - riskI - injuryF - failureL - lossE - end stage kidney disease
  7. 7. AKIN
  8. 8. Common causes Five Most Common Causes of AKI in the ICU Sepsis (most common) Major surgery Low cardiac output Hypovolaemia Other Common Causes of AKI in the ICU Hepatorenal syndrome, Trauma, Cardiopulmonary bypass, Abdominal compartment syndrome, Rhabdomyolysis
  9. 9. More common causesNSAIDSAntimicrobials Aminoglycosides Amphotericin PenicillinRadio contrast dye IngestionsEthylene glycol
  10. 10. Yet more causes
  11. 11. Biomarkers Creatinine and creatinine clearance Urea GFR New markers
  12. 12. Biomarkers New Markers Cystatin-C NGAL Kidney injury molecule -1 Interleukin -18
  13. 13. Prevention Maintain renal perfusion Avoid hyperglycaemia Avoid nephrotoxins Diuretics Nutrition
  14. 14. RRT Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) Blood purification technique using principles of diffusion and ultrafiltration Relies on principle of diffusion Mimic the function and physiology of the kidney Anticoagulation
  15. 15. RRT modalities CVVHD IHD SLEDD
  16. 16. Dialysis HaemofiltrationLMW proteins Adjustable pressure Blood dialysate blood ultrafiltrate Urea
  17. 17. Conclusion
  18. 18. Thank You
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