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My Open Campus - placement module - Corporate Presentation


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The placement module for corporates on My Open Campus. Automate your campus placements and tap more colleges - Free to use

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My Open Campus - placement module - Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Putting Campuses on the Cloud!
  2. 2. Indian College Campuses of theChaotic Past Sparse Communication Offline DistributedNon- Time / Effort IntensiveCollaborative
  3. 3. Indian College Campuses of the Present   Non-integrated Online   Systems Piecemeal Approach Non-Student centric   In Transition InsecureNon- Collaborative Not Social
  4. 4. Indian College Campuses of the Future Fully Online Integrated Campus Hi-TechMobile Accessible Student centric Social Cost EffectiveCollaborative   Highly Secure Process Oriented 24 X 7 on-demand Efficient
  5. 5. My Open Campus Offering
  6. 6. Fully White Branded Solution
  7. 7. Customized Profile Creation• Dynamic Forms• Fully Customized Profile Creation• Student, Alumni, Faculty Profile Database• DIY form building process• Privileges based Filling / Viewing• Category Based Forms• College Feedback Mechanism in- built• Easy & Intuitive
  8. 8. Automated replication of Class / Study Structure• Automatic creation of Groups based on offline structure• Automatic Student / Alumni / Faculty / Public grouping• Full Group based Collaboration• Real-time interaction within group members
  9. 9. Collaboration & Messaging• One to One / One to Many Messaging• Real-time Rich Media Sharing• Access Privacy Based Collaboration• Discussions• Private interactions• Seamless Search• And much more…
  10. 10. Cloud Based File Repository• Upload any file-types• Hash-tag Based Categorization• Video / Document / Image Embeds• Edit popular document formats online (.doc, .xls etc)• Comment on files• Public / Private Sharing of Files• And much more…
  11. 11. Assessment / Online Exams• Create any kind of assessments• Create Question Banks• Private / public assessment• Conduct Exams Online• Student wise Marks Reporting• Simple & Easy UI for creation & taking assessments
  12. 12. College Campus Placement Management• Campus Event Scheduler• Corporate / Company Profile Builder• Student Shortlisting Management• Campus Performance Reports• Interview Scheduler• Online assessment integration• Detailed Analytics Module• Geographically enabled Campus targeting for Corporates
  13. 13. How MOC Adds Value to all StakeholdersFor Students• On-Demand access to all College related info & processes• Offering qualified placements to students• Increases Student Exposure to the Industry• Access to Internships and a larger bouquet of placement opportunities• Access to over 10,000 hours of premium content created by the top universities in India. (we are official NMEICT and NPTEL partners – these are projects funded by MHRD)• Skill Upgradation courses and online certification programs by accredited 3rd party agencies
  14. 14. How MOC Adds Value to all StakeholdersFor Colleges• Efficient Student Collaboration & Management• Increased Pan-India Reach for Placement• Create Long-Term Intellectual Property• Assistance in Placement and Access to Corporates• Improved processes and smoothens workflow within a campus• Assistance in Admissions, Course Creation and Certification• Access to premium content and other allied services through a structured marketplace.
  15. 15. How MOC Adds Value to all StakeholdersFor Administrators• Seamless exposure to Important Student Data• Superior Control over College Processes• Instant access to all your student, faculty data.• Automated placements and internship modules considerably reduce time wastage thus improving ROI.
  16. 16. Android & iOS Apps…
  17. 17. Have Questions? Contact Us: