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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan PDF (eBook)


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Discover the Truth and the Facts about Shaun Hadsall's 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan Macro Patterning PDF, eBook

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14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan PDF (eBook)

  1. 1. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  2. 2. Set Your Weight Loss Goal What is your purpose behind losing weight? If you are really serious, take out a sheet of paper and write down your goal or goals for your fat loss program. If you don't have a purpose then it's very difficult to sustain any program, project or mission. It's the same with your fat loss program. Now that you know your purpose let's get to brass tacks. Note the following: • What is your present weight? • How much weight do you want to lose? • And more importantly how many pounds/month do you want to lose? • Is it realistic? (Losing more than a kilo and half/month is not healthy) Okay you are ready to set your goal. Now. Take out a calculator and your measuring scales. 1. Write down your present weight - For example: 70 kilos 2. Write down your target weight - For example: 55 kilos (consult a height to weight chart and set a realistic target). 3. When do you want to reach your target - in a about a year. 4. Write down the target date by which you would have achieved your target weight. 5. Divide the weight you have to lose by the number of days in a year. Now, you have broken your weight loss goal into a bite site pieces. Now go for it! 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  3. 3. Now It's Time To Go For It! You have set your goal. You know where you wish to be one year down the line. What physical activity do you love to do the most? Is it 1. Walking 2. Running 3. Jogging 4. Climbing stairs (Ouch!) 5. Dancing 6. Biking 7. Mountain Climbing (Ouch! Ouch!) What is that you will do even if no one prods you to do? Suppose you love walking. Start with 5 minutes/day. Increase it to 10 minutes next week and so on till you reach one hr/day. • You love walking but doing it one hour doesn't appeal to you. No problem. • Just combine 30 minutes of walking with 30 minutes of swimming or biking. • Or you could do 15 minutes walking, 15 minutes biking, 15 minutes swimming and 15 minutes of dancing. Wow! isn't that great. You could try any combination you like until you find a combination that you can stick to. Don't worry if after a month you don't like one combination let it a go and try another combination. Sometimes it just seems impossible to keep to strict exercise regime or it could be that your physical and medical condition will not allow you the freedom of exercise. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  4. 4. Then you could try the option of diet control. But remember - Rome was not built in a day! Exercise or diet, you need to do it day after day every day! So keep going at it. Every day - day after day - in sun, in snow, in rain and in hail. If you are not consistent and persistent you will soon lose focus and get back to your lethargic ways. So don't lose motivation. Stay focused on your goal and pound those pavements everyday or whatever method you have chosen to lose weight. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  5. 5. Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Fat Loss goals! Staying motivated and keeping to your goal. Isn't it the most difficult part of any program. A hundred hurdles and obstacles in our path are ready to throw us off course. • How to stay motivated? • How to keep going? • How to stay focused? • How to be persistent and consistent? A very large part in this game of motivation will be played by your purpose. If your purpose is strong, your motivation will be strong. So keep your goal statement at a place where you can see it every day and where you can't miss it. Read it at least once everyday. Several times if possible. A large part of the battle is in your mind. So feed your brain positive and "I can do it" messages constantly. Get a list of positive thoughts, motivational quotes, personalize it if you need to and read it aloud everyday. Get motivational books. Listen to motivational tapes and others success stories. Subscribe to inspirational thoughts, quotes emails. There are dozens of them out there on the Internet - See one here 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  6. 6. Get Yourself A Fat Loss Friend/Partner! Select a supportive friend who has your best interests at heart, confide your goals to her/him and let her/him be your personal cheerleader. She/he knows you can do it and will continually remind you about that. Like I said come rain or snow, hail or storm, you have to get out bed and do your exercise/ keep to your diet. If it is snowing so hard that you can't get out of house then skip for half/hour at home, or dance or climb the stairs or do squats. Do any physical activity but don't stay in bed. Don't give excuses. Keep doing it consistently and soon you will start enjoying your exercise. Yes, physical exercise can become addictive. Suppose you have a friend who wishes to lose weight like yourself but can't get started. Why not help her by drafting a goal statement like you did for yourself? When you help others get started on the path of weight loss you feel good about yourself. This itself can be strong motivating factor for you to stay on target as an example to your friend. By helping others you can help yourself. Yes, you can use the power of two, three or any number of people you want to, to help you achieve your fat loss goals. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  7. 7. Is There an Easy Way to Fat Loss? The answer depends on how You look at your weight loss program. If you take the easy way by going for the pills and potions you may have to pay heavier price later on - with your health. So are they any easy answers? NO! The answer for me atleast is an emphatic NO. If you believe all those drugs,pills and potion makers, you would be losing weight in a jiffy while enjoying all your favourite desserts like cheese and chocolate cakes and ice-creams. Can it be really true? Do you really trust them? No! What then is the cure for fat loss? I have discovered just 2 remedies and they are exercise and diet control. Just any kind of consistent physical activity can help you lose weight or atleast get more fitter and firmer. Limiting your food intake is another way to do it. Go on, you can do it. You will be happy you did it instead of sitting and moping about your extra pounds. 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  8. 8. You Can't Know What You Don't Know! (Or The Importance of Measuring Your Weight) Why do we need to measure our weight? To know how much you weigh today, and If you don't measure how will ever know when you have arrived at your goal. In 2011, when I first worked on my weight problem, I was doing well - but hadn't been measuring progress. People who met me months later said I looked so slim. But I thought it wasn't working! It wasn't soon before I had given up my regime and was un-happily back on my upward trend of weight gain. Do you realise now how important it is to measure your weight? So, please keep a diary and record your present weight and your target weight then measure maybe twice a month and keep entering it in your diary. When you see the weight coming off you will feel good and keep going when the going gets tough! Just keep going! 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -
  9. 9. Some Useful Weight Loss Tips 1. Start a food diary/journal. Religiously note down everything that goes into your mouth today. Do it for a week. Analyze your food journal after a week. On average how many calories are your consuming? Let's do something positive today. Cut out that high fat evening snack. Instead just take a walk or dance to some music. Hungry still? Eat a delicious crunchy cucumber or a juicy plum. 2. Your food journal is a gold mine of info. How many fruit juices/soft drinks do you consume everyday or week on an average? Just eliminating 3 cans of soft drinks/day from your diet could mean you would weigh 45 pounds lighter by the end of the year! 3. You could lose a pound of weight by cutting down 3000 calories of food intake. That's about 430 calories a day. Now do the math. It could be as simple as eliminating three 150 calorie items per day. It could be 3 can of Coke or 2 slices of black forest cake or 3 bars of chocolate. Start slow, eliminate one useless snack and substitute something healthy and filling. Liked these simple tips? There are a few more on my website at 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss -