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Tracking Data Growth Across the Continent


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Tracking Data Growth Across the Continent
Chaw Kiang
Head of Sales and Business Development Asia Pacific (Dyn)

Published in: Internet
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Tracking Data Growth Across the Continent

  1. 1. TRACKING  DATA  GROWTH   ACROSS  THE  CONTINENT Chaw  Kiang  (CK) Head  of  Sales  and  Business   Development  Asia  Pacific Dyn
  2. 2. Asian Overview • Generally NSP interconnectivity occurs off-continent • Lots of hairpinning through LA • Lots of buying transit in the US west coast • Incumbents starting to move away from traditional Providers • Sprint, Verizon, etc. • Select NSP peering connectivity within the region • KDDI & NTT • Value providers like Hurricane Electric and Vocus growing and driving pricing down Map courtesy of The Stack
  3. 3. CDNs Following the Population not Geography
  4. 4. European CDN Performance
  5. 5. Asian Wholesale • Wholesale IP transit 50% provided from offshore • Regional players continue making steady progress • Major Changes: • Hurricane Electric #10 > #6 • #5 > #7 all very close (59.8% > 56.5% of #1 size) • Chinese networks mostly growing internally to China • Level 3 #6 > #8
  6. 6. Regional Wholesale Differences JapanMiddle East China South Asia East Asia Many similar sized blue bars = competitive market
  7. 7. Airtel vs. Global Cloud Xchange (Reliance) • Airtel larger in IP transit and more geographically diverse • GCX more Asia focused and better peered
  8. 8. PCCW vs. Pacnet (Now part of Telstra but not yet AS 4637) • PCCW perhaps a little closer to being Tier-1 • PCCW about twice the weighted route size of Pacnet
  9. 9. Internet Performance from KL • Mostly <= 150mS to Asia, slightly more to Oceania • Worse to the Middle East, Europe and the Americas • Central Asia connected via Moscow
  10. 10. Seoul to KL via LA in 330mS Hairpin via LA
  11. 11. Satellite Activity • Satellite still very attractive away from the population centers • O3B has attracted a number of in the last 18 months
  12. 12. @Name THANK YOU!