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RPKI and Me


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RPKI and Me by Tom Paseka

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RPKI and Me

  1. 1. RPKI and Me Tom Paseka MyNOG 8 July 2019
  2. 2. RPKI… but first, a preview!
  3. 3. RPKI… but first, a preview!
  4. 4. RPKI… but first, a preview! ■RPKI is self serving: It protects your network and your traffic flows even if its not your routes being hijacked
  5. 5. Introduction 5
  6. 6. Introduction ●RPKI (Resource Public Key Infrastructure) ●Cryptographically signs your route/prefix and ASN: ○Specifies what prefix length and which ASN can originate a prefix. ○These are created with ROAs (Route Origin Authorization)
  7. 7. But Why? 7
  8. 8. Why? ●1997 - AS7007 mistakenly (re)announces 72,000+ routes (becomes the poster-child for route filtering). ●2008 - ISP in Pakistan accidentally announces IP routes for YouTube by blackholing the video service internally to their network. ●2017 - Russian ISP leaks 36 prefixes for payments services owned by Mastercard, Visa, and major banks. ●2018 - BGP hijack of Amazon DNS to steal crypto currency. ●2019 - A BGP Route optimizer hijacks thousands of routes with global impact
  9. 9. Why? ●The web has moved forward with security first ●The Internet hasn’t. ●Let’s bring BGP forward!
  10. 10. Where are we today? 11
  11. 11. Where are we today? ●Looking at some ROAs that already exist ●Two great tools: ○ ○bgpmon whois ○
  12. 12. Where are we today? ●RIPE’s tool, ability to search for any ROAs created.
  13. 13. Where are we today? ●Bgpmon’s whois tool: ●Providing the AS and prefix will confirm if its valid
  14. 14. How about in Malaysia 15
  15. 15. Malaysia and RPKI ●Good News! ●Three networks with some RPKI deployment TM / AS4788 84 ROAs IPv4 and IPv6 Not covering all IP space Mostly le /24 (or le /48) Extreme AS38182 143 ROAs IPv4 and IPv6 Not covering all IP space All exact matches (no le) MYREN / AS24514 32 ROAs IPv4 and IPv6 Nearly all IP space covered All exact matches (no le)
  16. 16. Malaysia and RPKI ●Bad News: ●Some networks with invalids!
  17. 17. Malaysia and RPKI ●Bad News: ●Some networks with invalids! Seen by #peers: 86
  18. 18. RPKI Invalids ●If you’ve created invalid’s, some networks wont be able to reach you. ●In the case of the previous ROA Invalid: ○It’s a more specific, or there are more specific routes covering it ○IP Addresses still reachable, but could indicate an error
  19. 19. RPKI Invalids ●Unreachable? ●
  20. 20. RPKI Invalids ●Cloudflare (AS13335) and AT&T (AS7018) are dropping invalids from Peers ●Cloudflare still uses some default routes, so you might be reachable, but your prefix would be blackholed from AT&T
  21. 21. Rejection state? ●As of Dec 2018, no Malaysian networks were measured as rejecting invalids. ●While a few networks have taken good steps in signing their routes, more needs to be done. ●Congratulations to TM, Extreme Broadband, IPServerOne, Global Transit, GB Network, Modern One, BasketAsia, MyKris, VC telecoms, IX Telecom, and others I might have missed in singing your routes!
  22. 22. Rejection state? ●MyIX? ●Consider signing your routes and setting “AS0”. This means this route should never be announced on the Internet. ●See: now-supports-as0-roa-creation/
  23. 23. Rejection state? ●BKNIX (Hi Nan~ J ) ●Their IX LAN is set with “AS0” ●This means it should never be announced to the internet. { "prefix": "", "maxLength": 23, "asn": "AS0", "ta": "APNIC" },
  24. 24. Rest of the World? ●Netherlands leading the way! ●Tier-1’s? Sad state. All have few to none routes signed! AS7018 / AT&T AS701 / Verizon AS174 / Cogent AS3257 / GTT AS6762 / Sparkle AS3356 / Level3 AS7922 / Comcast AS1239 / Sprint
  25. 25. Rest of the World? AS2914 / NTT, AS1299 / Telia, and AS6453 / Tata All have limited deployments. Please continue!
  26. 26. Invalids in the wild!
  27. 27. Invalids in the wild! ●Invalids growing. ●Will soon become reachability issues. ●Feels like the early days of DNSSEC (or still now..)
  28. 28. How to get yourself setup for RPKI 29
  29. 29. Get Setup? 1. Sign your routes. APNIC created a great guide for MyAPNIC
  30. 30. Get Setup? 2. Validate This is more complicated, but I hope we’re making it easier for everyone J
  31. 31. Get Setup? Collect and sync certificates from RIRs (eg APNIC) Speak RTR protocol to your routers (for validation)
  32. 32. Get Setup? Guide to getting started:
  33. 33. Some cool graphics 34
  34. 34.
  35. 35. https://
  36. 36. Final Thoughts 37
  37. 37. Final Thoughts Don’t be scared of RPKI. Just start. Sign your routes. Protect your network. Don’t forget about other route security (eg: IRR) Look MANRS and become MANRS compliant!
  38. 38. Questions? 39
  39. 39. More Resources