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Content Localization Exercise in Telekom Malaysia by MUSLINA DEVI Nurhemdi


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Content Localization Exercise in Telekom Malaysia

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Content Localization Exercise in Telekom Malaysia by MUSLINA DEVI Nurhemdi

  1. 1. Content Localization Exercise in Telekom Malaysia
  2. 2. Agenda • Telekom Malaysia Peering Components • Peering evolution through the years • Content Access Hierarchy • Content Localization Driver and the Implementation Plan • The Result • Moving forward
  3. 3. Total Capacity 3 Domestic International Provider that provides full internet content (routes) to TM Peer with local & foreign providers; settlement free at public switch. Fee for the physical IX port Peer with foreign providers using IPLC bilateral circuit ; terminating at TM domestic IGW Fee for selected content Bringing popular content closer to Malaysia by establishing caching arrangement with content providers or hosting its cache server farms in TM’s network Private Network Interconnect (PNI) peer with foreign providers; terminating at TM international IGW nodes Peer with foreign providers with presence in Malaysia ; terminating at TM domestic IGW nodes Google, Facebook, Akamai, Netflix Amazon, Google, Microsoft, FB, CloudFlare SG, HK, Japan Europe, US T1 ISP Apple, PCCW Twitch, Valve China Unicom, China Telecom CDN Local Peer IX Peering Upstream Direct Peer PNI China Peering Telekom Malaysia Peering Components Peering Category Definition MyIX Peer with MY providers ; terminating at TM domestic HSE nodes.
  4. 4. Upstream PNI China Peering Upstream Local Peering Domestic Peering Direct Upstream Direct Peering Overlay Global Services Global Services Overlay IGW Ring IX Peering International IGW Domestic IGW CDN HSE/MSE IGW Ring IGW Ring MyIX The Evolution: Direct Upstream> Upstream> IX Peering> PNI > Direct Peering> Content Localization (Local Peering + CDN + MyIX ) Peering Evolution through the years 12 345 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6 7 8 10 – China Peering was introduced due to high demand from TM subscribers especially from TM One (Enterprise) segment. 11 – Global services is downstream services in TM which directly connected to IGW, mainly for TM Global (carriers) customers; local and international. 10 11 11 7 8 20191990
  5. 5. Content Access Hierarchy TM Subscriber International HSE Partner Content IGW AS4788 Content Access Hierarchy for TM Subscribers 1. CDN local in domestic network connected to HSE in MY 2. local peering connected to IGW MY 3. direct peering connected to IGW MY 4. international upstream/PNI/IX connected at IGW International Access Network 1 2 3 4 Content Access Hierarchy in Telekom Malaysia Network
  6. 6. Content Localization Initiative Driver and The Implementation Plan. • Objective: To improve cost to serve and customer experience. • Upstream Port contributes to one of the higher cost to TM IP Infra at around 35% • Dependency on Upstream port has significantly reduced through active Peering and Content Localization. • Enabler: monitor through in- house portal on utilization and trending. • Method and Strategy • Network consolidation by optimizing upstream providers. • Risk • Insufficient capacity during network failure • Spare capacity (submarine cable + cdn) • Customer experience impact • Planned window to ‘simulate’ Upstream Port turndown • Enable full partner capacity (disable as- prepend) • Continuous monitoring of service experience
  7. 7. The Result Jul 2016 – Sep 2019 Trending • CDN contributes the highest volume; nearly triple from 2016 till Sep 2019. • Local peering is supporting the content localization initiative by having a direct peering connection physically in Malaysia. • Upstream utilization has been reduced. • Direct peering is also reducing. Content Localization Initiative has given tremendous effect to TM; more cost optimization and better user experience.
  8. 8. Moving Forward • Regionalize CDN in order to further improve customer experience. • Localize emerging content using TM own CDN platform.
  9. 9. Thank you