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Seca Snippets Aug2008


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A wonderful initiative to empower kids for a decent living! :)

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Seca Snippets Aug2008

  1. 1. Swagath Education and Community Action Snippets Vol. 1, August 2008 Welcome to the first ever 'Snippets' of Swagath Education and Community Action (SECA). We started out in September 2006 and since then we have grown in leaps and bounds, and we’re excited to showcase what we’ve been upto through our updates! our vision and objectives SECA aims to work with children, families and communities to reduce urban social and economic disparities. We believe in supporting education, health and employability goals to provide opportunities for positive change. Enhance children's interest in learning and their overall motivation and self-esteem levels through: ✔ a spoken English programme ✔ mentoring and extracurricular activities Serve as a friend to the community and youth: ✔ providing information, resources and networks ✔ to meet education, health and employment needs Establish a model that can be replicated by any group of individuals committed to positively impacting urban families and communities in a sustainable and holistic manner SECA meets in the evenings at an anganwadi centre in South Bangalore. Contact us at
  2. 2. education Create an atmosphere for children to ask, observe, create and have a lot of fun. Learning was something that would happen along the way. We’ve researched, networked, and designed methods that work best for our children. Now, after nearly two years, we are beginning to reap the benefits. Class design Teaching aids ✔ Six-monthly testing to divide kids ✔ Flash cards, charts, pictures, based on levels, rather than age. books, and worksheets. ✔ Key skills of reading, grammar and ✔ Memory games, English antakshari speaking. words and dumb charades. Impact Learning disabilities ✔ No marks cards! ✔ Primary aim is early intervention. ✔ Our children are now dedicated and ✔ Arrange for testing by specialists sincere in their efforts at learning and consistent remedial coaching. English. ✔ Formal interventions hampered by ✔ Building children's confidence with lack of Kannada medium National support from parents. Open School (NOS) curriculum. All work and no play? No! Children need to have their share of fun because they are just that – children. We intersperse fun events between regular classes and they are always met with great enthusiasm and energy! We've been on a couple of day-picnics in the city, to watch a children’s play, and to the planetarium. The kids recently traveled to a city-wide storytelling event conducted by a local organisation, and had a great time listening to and interacting with the storytellers. All events are funded by our patrons and friends. The 14th of November is celebrated as Children's Day every year in India. To mark the event, we organised an quot;Annual Talent's Dayquot; in 2007. Our kids participated in various events ranging from dance and drama to a general knowledge quiz. They gave a fantastic account of themselves, cheered on by a raucous crowd!
  3. 3. community action We currently focus our community efforts on education and livelihoods for youth and on general health needs. 1. youth interventions Vocational training and employment ✔ Organise vocational information sessions for youth through our networks with organisations. ✔ Support dropouts to complete schooling through the National Open School (NOS) curriculum. ✔ Help with ad hoc requests for jobs that come from the youth. Computer training ✔ Enroll and partially fund both dropouts and graduates in basic computer training courses. ✔ Focus on follow-up throughout the course and later in finding jobs. 2. community activities General health camps ✔ Urban poor lack access to decent, affordable health-care systems. ✔ Organise free general health camps, and systematise follow-up and procuring free medication. Health care ✔ Respond to requests for identification of specialists and provide networking support. ✔ Raise funding for major health care interventions.
  4. 4. what lies ahead... We like to dream big, and are always thinking of new ways to generate more impact from our teaching, while improving our community outreach. Our ambitious plans for the next several months include: Educational scholarships ✔ For economically needy students ✔ For shift to English-medium schools Subject-wise coaching classes ✔ Identify volunteers for consistent help ✔ Provide an alternative to expensive tuitions Educational advancement ✔ Counseling on educational options for youth ✔ Remedial mechanisms for learning disabilities Health ✔ Diabetes, ophthalmology, reproductive health ✔ Follow-up through specialists and funding We are excited that you have chosen to share your energies with SECA! Your encouragement keeps us enthusiastic and motivates us to do more. Do get in touch if you or your friends want to help. Next time we meet, we hope we have many more achievements to share! Cheers! Team SECA