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  1. 1. Male or female: The majority of the people who filled out my questionnaire Male were female and slightly lower were male. This means the Female result would be bias to certain questions. Age range: 15 - 17 The results show that mainly 15-17 year old would be 18 - 20 interested in the magazine, so the result will be slightly bias. 21+ It will still appeal to 15-21 year olds, but a little verged to the younger side with older additions. How often do you buy a magazine:Once amonth The results show that the majority of the pupils thatTwice amonth answered said that they either buy a magazine once a monthMonthly or never. So I will make my magazine so it has monthly editions.When I canNever Favourite colour: Blue Red The colour with the most votes was blue, then red, then White white. My magazine colour scheme will revolve around these colours which is convenient as it is the British flag Purple colours. Green Orange Pink
  2. 2. Favourite Artist: Solo This shows that people’s favourite type of artist is a solo Duet artist. This will help me decide the front cover in inside 4 piece article feature so people will be interested in reading 5 piece about their favourite kind of artist. What is the most you will pay for a magazine:£3.00-£3.49 These results show that my target audience who are£3.50-£4.00 presumably in full-time education so they cannot afford£4.01-£4.50 £4 magazines, so I will minimise my price so it is affordable. Favourite shape: Circle Square I did this question so I could decide which shape to do the Triangle puff in so it appealed to my audience. Other Most interested in reading: New band It is clear that people really wish to know about feature new album releases. So I will involve that in a Interview on quite large percentage in my magazine. Next is new bands meeting the band, so I will cover various aspects New album in meeting the band and when they are touring release and releasing albums. Tour dates Meeting the band
  3. 3. Male or female cover: This has helped me know what my target audience wouldMale rather see on the cover. This result is a female would beFemale more appealing. Along with the favourite type of artist, I now know that my front cover will be a female solo artist to appeal to my audience. Promotional offers: Posters To promote my magazine, I will offer a certain Competitions amount of posters as that would interest people Freebies to buy my magazine. People also would like freebies so that may added to gain more buyers. Discounts Least interested in reading: New band feature This shows that people are not interested Interview on in reading about an interview. So in my new bands magazine I will keep the interviews to a New album minimum and more things the audience release wants. Tour dates Meeting the band Simple or busy cover: The results show that a simple cover only slightly Simple appeals more. So I will make a simple cover and Busy maybe make the contents busier to appeal to the other majority.
  4. 4. One or two words for name: This question was to help me decide what kind of name my One magazine would have. The results show that a simple one Two worded magazine name would be better than a two worded magazine. Exclusive bands or interviews: This proves that my audience is more interested in finding out Bands about new bands than interviews. So on the cover of my magazine, I Interviews will enlarge the fact I have exclusive bands so I will gain more buyers. Prefer old or new indie band: My target audience are more interested in older indie music. So in Old my magazine I will try and involve the fact that older indie bands are New still around and what they are doing now and the greatest songs. Would you enter competitions: It is simply shown that depending on the competition, people wouldYes enter. So I have to make sure that if I do include competitions, theyNo have to be interesting so that people would wish to enter them.Depends
  5. 5. How many pages: 15-19 In a previous question it said people would rather buy 20-24 magazines monthly. So this question helps it along as people 25-29 would rather buy a magazine with a lot of pages. So I could do 30-34 more and sell monthly instead of more often with fewer pages. What attracts you to a magazine:Title name It is clear to state that a cover image is what attracts a personCover most to a magazine, so I have to make sure I have an appealingimage cover. A colour scheme also seems important to the peopleColour answering the questions, so that was also be a key inside to myscheme cover.LayoutOther Do you like advertisements in magazines:Yes Only slightly do people I asked like advertisements in magazines. So I willNo include a fair few to reach out to my audience. I will include a few full page advertisements.
  6. 6. Cotton Jones Name your favourite indie band(s)Devendra BanhartKartell It is shown that there is a wide choice in indie bands. The only bands mentioned more thanThe Kooks once were The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys, TheRazorlight View, The Drums, The Kooks Coldplay & BeastWild beats Coast. I will try and include the more popularColdplay bands so people know some of the more wellArctic Monkeys known bands along with some newer onesBest Coast too.Snow patrolParkway DriveBishop AllenThe drumsThe SmithsThe VaccinesFleet FoxesThe ViewGeneral Fiasco