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EVALUATION : Question 2


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EVALUATION : Question 2

  1. 1. QUESTION 2
  2. 2. Gender is represent through the fact there are various headlines with both male and females to show equality. The woman represented is very Indie looking, facingSexuality: directly to the audienceHetrosexual. It is not to relate to them. Theclear what sexuality clothes she wears areshe is so it is not not revealing her in anyspecific to certain way so it is not givinggroup of people. across the wrong impression about woman cover singers. Social Class: Not stated so nobody who wishes to read it does not feel discriminated. Various ages for a range of audience. Mainly 19-25 year olds. Black and white artists: Ethnic diversity. This way there is no exclusion of a band or singer due to their race/culture.
  3. 3. Inspirational male Indie band which shows variety of social class as the lead singer was homeless and shows variety of background in his band. The female here is shown once again to be covered up, this is aimed at the younger readers to show them to dress in aA variety of male and female sensible manor. Her hair isartists, races, ages and from tided back and she is lookingdifferent countries so my natural to again show that youmagazine audience don’t have to flaunt anything to become famous.