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4 features on iphone app for college kids

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iPhone Application Development

  1. 1. My Mobile Innovations http://www.mymobileinnovations.com
  2. 2. While majorly smartphones are used for communication, social networking, gaming and web browsing, many students use their smartphones for serious study work, to access university website and class portal for instance Companies that cater to education technology must seriously consider developing mobile applications for college students since iOS is a very prominent platform in the USA We enumerate 4 features for iPhone Application Development for College Kids
  3. 3. A note taking feature would be useful for college kids as they can take down notes directly on their smartphones in class Note sharing feature between classmates and export data option to online cloud storage portals for later access The application can feature a secure cloud saving portal with easy data access options
  4. 4. UtilityFeatures Include a calculator, dictionary, scheduler, reminder, and other such small things One-stop-shop For all the items that are generally sought in emergencies, lost in bag or are easy to misplace or forget at home AidStudents In their college activities and also outside when they are indulging in other activities
  5. 5. An extensive library, or the option to link up to other libraries, such as the University library, Elsevier or any other public libraries that require unique username and password would be an asset on any application. Students can use the permissions granted to them by their colleges to access these library portals through the application. Option to store any of the eBooks or PDF publications in the library for later reference
  6. 6. College students have a vibrant social life with most weekends planned for parties, picnics, sports, movies or any other activities with the gang The events page can display the latest events on the college campus as well as around town such as concerts, exhibitions, movies in theatre, special offers in stores, restaurants or clubs The events feature can also be used for displaying any personal events the student might want to advertise such as a quiz competition or a music show or a play
  7. 7. The iPhone application developer can customize the application to suit the specific needs of a particular university or make it for the college students’ community as a whole
  8. 8. For the complete article, please visit: iPhone Application Development 574 Newark Avenue, Suite 210 Jersey City, NJ 07306 Contact Us: +1-888-745-3321 Email: info@mymobileinnovations.com