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Android Game Development Companies- MyMobileInnovations


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An experience mobile application programmer who specializes in developing games for mobile phones would be an ideal choice for developing Android games as they would have the knowledge and expertise of the existing trend along with knowledge of how the system works.

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Android Game Development Companies- MyMobileInnovations

  1. 1. Android gamedevelopment companies
  2. 2. The formula for developingAndroid gameAndroid platform has nearly 800,000 applications of which a majorchunk is dedicated to mobile games. Mobile games are fast taking overportable video games. As we entered 2013, numerous tablets andSmartphones arrived in the market that supported 3D and HD formatgames, giving a dynamic twist to the entire gaming experience forindividuals. So, what is the formula that Android game developmentcompanies use to develop a game that will keep the player hooked forlong stretches?
  3. 3. Formula # 1• The plotThe plot is what attracts the playersto the game in the first place.Games are modelled around whathappens, when and to whom andthe successive events define theflow of the game and build theplayer’s interest. A winning plot willhave the right mix ofsuspense, clues, thrills, element ofrisk to keep the player on the edge.
  4. 4. Formula # 2• The charactersA game may have few, many or nocharacters. If there are characters involvedthey must have distinct personalities thatare aspirational. People delve into videogames to be someone else for those fewmoments, so if the characters aregrunge, comic, homely, racers oradventurous, the players emotions willdefine their level of interest. The charactermust be defined on the basis of the playersbeing targeted. So if the game is beingdesigned for kids, the characters must lookfriendly and preferably be animated, fuzzyanimals.
  5. 5. Formula # 3• The InterfaceThe game’s interface must capturethe mood of the game. Top grossinggames such as Angry Birds, TempleRun or Asphalt 7: Heat to name afew has reached the spot due to thelandscape that sets the mood forthe game. Coupled with thebackground music and sounds tomatch the charactermovements, the player gets theexperience of being in the game.
  6. 6. Formula # 4• Ease of interactionThe interactive tabs and modes in thegame including swipe, slide, press, rotateor flip gesture used by most games to raisethe level of interaction and involvement inthe game. As opposed to the gamingconsoles that had the joystick fornavigation and buttons for control, therecent trend set by Smartphone where theentire device can be manipulated tocontrol the game. Also, even thoughgamers enjoy competitive challenging, themobile games are played as ‘time-wasters’, i.e., the game must bechallenging enough to keep them hookedbut easy enough for them to reach newlevels.
  7. 7. Formula # 5• An innovative mobile applicationprogrammerAn experience mobile applicationprogrammer who specializes indeveloping games for mobilephones would be an ideal choice fordeveloping Android games as theywould have the knowledge andexpertise of the existing trend alongwith knowledge of how the systemworks.
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