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Paul de Theux and Catherine Gerooms


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Paul de Theux and Catherine Gerooms

  1. 1. My Mobile – Education on the Move Sensitising educators and trainers to the opportunity of mobile learning
  2. 2. Media Animation asbl• Media and multimedia education resource centre (French-speaking community)• Centre for adult education• Fields of expertise: - Media Literacy (information, movies, advertising, internet uses, social networks, video games etc. in different media supports). - Media production (video, web campaign, publication, music, etc.) - Analyses and researches - Consultancies
  3. 3. Belgian training scenario : Media Coach1. European project (2008-2009)Media Coach is a transnational initiative of media resource centres inEurope for the increasing of media literacy through professional mediacoaches.Media Coach offer training opportunities for the professional andeducational staff of libraries, adult education organizations, teachersprimary and secondary education, youth workers and staff of parentorganizations.Media literacy as an important factor for active citizenship in today’sknowledge and information society.
  4. 4. Belgian training scenario : Media Coach2. Media Coach in Belgium (French speaking part)• From March 2011 to October 2011• 9 participants: teachers, educators, social workers and librariansTraining model: - 5 days of general training about media and media education; - 2 days of technical training to choose between: * the moving image, * media audio (sound, radio, podcast, ...), * information: learn, speak in the media, * create, editing on Internet; + Mobile dimension : a Moodle platform. * to allow participants, experts and media professional to exchange about training and practices. * to work on personal project of the participants * Evaluation
  5. 5. Didactic learning focus and purpose of activity • To train people to become media coaches. • To produce a final project focused on media literacy. • To train participants to use numerical devices and make them aware of Mobile learning possibilities. • To share resources and practices between participants and between participants and professionals.
  6. 6. Didactic learning focus and purpose of activity
  7. 7. The main design features of the workshop• Strong partnership• Agenda - March 4, 2011: Media and Issues - March 15, 2011: Information journalistic / Audio-Visual - April 7, 2011: Media - Culture - Leisure - May 5, 2011: Media and Diversity - May 20, 2011: Media Advertising - June 2011: two days of technical workshops (Audiovisual, Information, editing on the Internet, etc.) - 8 and 29 September 2011 : additional half-days on specific themes - October 11, 2011: final evaluation meeting
  8. 8. The main design features of the workshop
  9. 9. Intended learning outcomes• To become a media coach• To realize a media literacy project• To use mobile learning scenarios,mobile devices and be aware aboutmobile environment
  10. 10. Type and number of phonesEach participant had to use their owndevice (laptop, notebook, tablet orsmartphone). Additional media QuickTimeª et un d compresseur BMP sont requis pour visionner cette image. • Computer and projector • Camera, microphones, headphones • Computer of the participants
  11. 11. Procedures: description of practical realizations• Face to face trainingsessions• Technical workshops• Additional half-day• Online platform• Personal project• Evaluation
  12. 12. Choose a platform
  13. 13. What choice of tools QuickTimeª et un dccompresseurWhat tools to use? sont requis pour visionner cette image.- Platforms, focusing on resources?-Social networks, focusing on relationships?Finally, we chose the Moodle platform, because the objective - was not a community (Mediacoach has a tool for this) - was to provide and share resources, and organize training (file sharing,forums, diary management training, ...) Note: we did not choose a tool like Facebook because the participants,educators and teachers, were not regular users....
  14. 14. What choice of tools QuickTimeª et un du compresseur sont requis pour visionner cette image.Moodle was not a good choice:- not easy technically (Media Animation is able to do it, but not theparticipants)- not easy for new users: not useful for a short project (most suitable foran educational institution)Expected functions were not avalaible. For example: the opportunity tonotify all participants via email as new content was added by a member.
  15. 15. What choice of tools QuickTimeª et un du compresseur sont requis pour visionner cette image.However, Moodle has provided various functions expected: - Providing resources for the participants - sharing documents between the participants - project Evaluation -…
  16. 16. What choice of toolsThe choice of the tool is important:The tool must be consistent with the objectives: - offer online resources - share resources - promote exchanges between participants, their projects, theirquestions, their thoughts ...Before the training, we were not able to identify our expectations.
  17. 17. What choice of toolsThe choice of the tool is important:- The tool must be useful for participants.- Therefore we conclude that for a project of limited duration, it isimportant to use tools easy to install and use and/or known to theparticipants. Example: dropbox, google doc, Facebook (if the participants use it)…
  18. 18. What choice of toolsWhat tools do we choose?There is no simple answer to this question, but criteria to consider: - what needs are related to the objectives? - what is the level of control of the participants - what tools are available? - are they partially adequate or inadequate, and why ? - should we use together different tools (mail, platform, application ...)
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention QuickTimeª et un dM compresseur sont requis pour visionner cette image.Média Animation asblPaul de Theux (Director) and Catherine Geeroms (International Relation)Mailto │ c.geeroms@media-animation.beWebsite │ Facebook