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Katja Friedrich


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Katja Friedrich

  1. 1. MyMobile:Education on the moveAn overview of the project and its results Katja Friedrich / Germany
  2. 2. MyMobile: Education on the move –Responsive Learning Contexts in European Adult Education 1 August 2010 – 31 July 2012 European Learning Partnership with 4 Partners: IOE (UK), UNIFY (IT), MA (BE), (GE)
  3. 3. The Partnership2 institutions from the academic & 2 from the practical field Role: concept “mobile learning”; final conference; workshop “disadvantaged young learners” Role: concept “mobile learning”; evaluation; workshops to “adults‘ self-expression skills” Role: website, design, graphics; workshops & concepts for multipliers and trainers Role: project coordinator; concept for scenario design; workshops for older learners in rural area
  4. 4. The central idea of the project Exchange knowledge NationalTest methods Workshops Evaluate Develop guidelines
  5. 5. Spheres of Activity: International mobility: to promote exchange of visions and experience on mobile learning among the partners in order to build a shared knowledge base on the topic and identify possible instructional strategies and educational uses of mobile devices; National workshops: to shift from the sharing of experience to the involvement of the beneficiaries and start developing general guidelines, workshops were designed and carried out at the national level with the aim of testing specific instructional methods based on the use of mobile devices; Evaluation of national workshops: through visits and virtual meetings, partners were involved in a mutual process of peer reviewing in order to evaluate the impact and the results of the national workshops; Formulation of guidelines: at the end of the process (sharing, designing and testing, evaluating) a set of methodological recommendations for practitioners and designers were developed.
  6. 6. The Workshops (1 – 3)• IOE & College for vocational education and training (UK) Bridging informal and formal education through mobile images – integration of learners at a distance to formal education.• University of Florence (IT) Developing adults’ self-promotion skills for job seeking through digital storytelling and the use of mobile phones• University of Florence (IT) Developing young adults’ self-expression skills through mobile storytelling
  7. 7. The Workshops (4 - 7) 4. Cross-generational house & (GE) Connecting older people in rural areas – mobile learning scenarios for older persons in everyday life 5. University Koblenz & (GE) Mobile learning in educational contexts – cell phones for educators 6. Media Animations asbl (BE) Advertising and media literacy / Use of mobile devices – course for multipliers (Media Coach) 7. Media Animations asbl (BE) How to combine mobile learning with adults’ media literacy training
  8. 8. Handbook: Structure of Scenarios 1. Age of participants, size of group 2. Setting and duration 3. Didactic/learning focus and purpose of activity 4. Intending learning outcomes 5. Type and number of phones used incl. apps; mode of data transmission 6. Additional media 7. Procedures: description of practical realisation and lessons learnt 8. Possible follow-up and variations and transferability (tools for assessment)
  9. 9. The Handbook
  10. 10. Outcomes & Results 1. Transfer of experience within Europe in the field of mobile learning in adult education 2. Conceptions for training multipliers in the field of mobile learning 3. Guidelines « General Prinicples for Mobile Learning in Adult Education » 4. Publication (print and online) of a handbook « Guidelines and Scenarios for Mobile Learning in Adult Education » 5. Website 6. Audiovisual « Tools » for qualifiying multipliers on the website 7. Articles published in journals (print and online) 8. Final Conference MyMobile:Education on the move
  11. 11. Thank you very much! Katja Friedrich Ludwigshafen / Germany