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Ben Bachmair Mobile Portfolios


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Published in: Education, Business
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Ben Bachmair Mobile Portfolios

  1. 1. My Mobile ‘Education on the move’ Final Conference London - Friday, June 22 Ben BachmairMobile portfolios as learning resources for at-risklearners Em. Professor University of Kassel, GermanyVisiting Professor Institute of Education, University of London
  2. 2. A portfolio comprises artefacts which result from, or emerge through the process of learning. For a mobile portfolio the functionality of the mobile phone are used for producing artefacts.To frame mobile activities and to support reflection, the mobile portfolio tends to take the form of a photo report of the teaching and learning process.Students as well as the facilitator take photos - casually or deliberatelyfor example of key words (from the board), of a presentation, of a screen or a book, of documentation of their own learning in informal contexts, of social activities of the learners or of impressions of the social climate etc.In addition to photos, sound records or videos are possible.
  3. 3. Example for (a) artefacts (b) meta-level of reflectionThe definition of a m-portfolio for reluctant facilitatorsin a Grundtvig project for adult at-risk learners
  4. 4. Kalmar conference workbook of a lecturer
  5. 5. Kalmar Life Diary
  6. 6. Portfolio of a ‘facilitator’ and students of a collegeat the beginning of the term in media studiesfor NEETs (no education, employment, training) Scenario- Investigation of the college buildings and environment with the personal mobile; group work;- Becoming familiar with the presentation software Prezi, teacher guided instruction + group work;- Bringing images from at home into the college;- 1 photo on a t-shirt;- Presentation of group work with Prezi;
  7. 7. Meta-level of reflection, a leading task of the facilitators/ educationalist/ teacherdisciplined
  8. 8. Discovering the habitus of learning Self-representatio n
  9. 9. Target orientation
  10. 10. Playing + self-representation
  11. 11. Prezi-version or the students’ portfolio, a summary of 2 days:• investigation of the college,• framing the college with everyday life,• Becoming familiar with the new software Prezi• Self-presentation within a group by means of the Prezi presentation
  12. 12. Extract from the Prezi presentation of group 2: the media experts
  13. 13. Manga expert
  14. 14. T-shirt:the experts for fine art (still life) within the context of the college
  15. 15. Scenario: the bicycle workshop To combine different local context of learning.Migrants of the 1. generation, integration course.- 2 photos as example from a girls’ work book
  16. 16. The life diary---------------- no photos ------------------