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The Changing Face of Web and Search Engine Marketing


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The Changing Face of Web and Search Engine Marketing

  1. 1. ==== ====SEO Link Monster Automated Link Building And Google Ranking System. Check this out....!!! ====A few years ago, search engine placement was arranged by your average Web designer and/orWebmaster. The Webmaster would simply submit a site to search engines manually or userudimentary software that was widely available.Keyword relevance was largely a matter of link popularity and the Webmaster assigning a simplekeyword meta-tag to each page of your site. The system used to work reasonably well, or so itseemed. That is no longer the case.Today, submission to the major search engines like Google is largely irrelevant, although there isa complex mix of PFI (pay for inclusion) and PFP (pay for performance, sponsored links, PPC ads)that require complex submission of details.Todays MethodologyIn todays Internet economy, sophisticated and complex programs - called spiders - surf the Weblooking at the source code of Web pages. They sort through the complex web of formatting tags,programming script, multi-media, page titles, and content that the user may or may not see, toascertain how to rank each page of your site for each and every word and word combination that itfinds.These spiders index the words of each page found and add it to the engines database, makingthem available as keywords for search engine searchers. In this new environment, sophisticatedsoftware programs that analyze the various search engine algorithms and how they rank selectedpages have moved to the forefront of search engine placement.This has spawned a large industry of SEO (search engine optimisation and marketing) expertsand specialist SEM firms.What Does Keyword Based Marketing Offer?If implemented correctly, SEO can offer a higher return on investment than nearly any othermarketing strategy (online or offline). Placing high in the search engine ranking positions (SERPs)is a great way to attract first time visitors. Placement in the search engines can largely determinethe "reach" of your online marketing strategy.The stakes in this battle are being raised all the time as the number of users going onlineincreases - which in the U.S. alone approaches 100 million - with over 60% of those usersspending some 48 BILLION dollars per year for online shopping (Greenspan, 2002,
  2. 2. With broadband prices in Australia falling rapidly and the rate of Internet takeup extraordinarilyhigh, the Australian consumer is showing similar enthusiasm for online sales. Unfortunately, manypotential buyers - some say as many as 70% - give up because they cannot find the good sites toshop at, because they are poorly keyword indexed or the actual site has poor navigation anddesign.When any business is making plans to improve their Search Engine positions, they need tounderstand that optimisation of your site for the Search Engines is not a one-shot job. It requiresongoing monitoring and tweaking in order to keep ahead of both the competition AND the changesthe Search Engines make to how they rank sites.Any comprehensive Web marketing plan should:(1) Promote your web site based on the (optimised) content of your site and knowledge of therelevant marketplace;(2) Utilise data of how the average search engine user actually looks for information on your site -including alternative terms, synonyms, common phrasing, etc;(3) Include internal and external link building with relevant sites and relevant keywords;(4) Regular reporting of search engine positioning, general Internet visibility and actual visitorstatistics/analytics and recommendation for improvements.Every serious Web site owner should be on a Web marketing plan that is definitely more than justa submission or reporting service. Set a monthly budget and take action.Weve seen many of our clients benefit from the ongoing relationship we have developed withthem through our web marketing plans. Plenty of page 1 rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN are notuncommon over time, as we monitor and tweak their sites for the Search Engines.However, in almost all cases, those clients would have never achieved and then maintained thosehigh rankings if they had not had someone in the know keeping track of how their site is ranking,and making changes where ever needed.Its like advertising in the Yellow Pages really. If you dont pay to have your ad included, you dontget an entry in the book, and eventually the calls to your business start to drop off as peopleupdate to the newest edition.Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing is the same. The Internet is NOT static - its alwayschanging and evolving, and in order for your site to get and maintain good rankings around thekeywords that are important to you, you have to keep someone on the job on a regular basis whoknows how to react to the changes happening.The Return On Investment (ROI) for good SEO/SEM services is very high, compared to traditionaladvertising and marketing. According to Googles statistics, Search advertising is up to 20 timesCHEAPER per lead, compared to (for example) Direct Mail. For any company spending money on
  3. 3. advertising, this statistic should be of EXTREME interest! After all, what company doesnt want toreduce their cost of customer acquisition?Thats what SEO/SEM companies are supposed to be about! Well, at least at our company, weare - I cant speak for our competitors. Before you hire an SEO/SEM company, ask what their planis for the ongoing optimisation of your site. If they dont have a plan, run, dont walk, to the nearestexit and hang onto your money.Charles Ryder is the CEO of WCR Internet Marketing, a specialist Australian Search EngineOptimisation company. For a free site analysis, visit[]Article Source: ====SEO Link Monster Automated Link Building And Google Ranking System. Check this out....!!! ====