A Brief Story on Light Bulbs


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For More Information on Edison Light Bulb please visit: http://www.edisonlightbulb.org/

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A Brief Story on Light Bulbs

  1. 1. ==== ====Please Click this Link for more information on Edison Light Bulb:http://www.edisonlightbulb.org/==== ====Can you imagine how life would be without light bulb? We should be thankful to the light bulbinventors, like Thomas Alva Edison. Indeed, there were many light bulb inventors in the world.Hence, you might be interested in finding out people who contributed our easy life today.It is true that the Electric light was invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1879 as we think.Nevertheless, it does not mean that he was the first and the only one who tried to invent anincandescent light bulb. Experiments had been performed by some people before Edisonintroduced his invention to the world. They were James Prescott Joule, Frederick de Moleyns,Warren De la Rue, Sir Humphfrey Davy, and some others.By the 1879, gas lighting became famous that business on manufacturing such lighting waspromising. Incandescent lamp was generated by utilizing electricity to heat the filament, a thin stripof material. The filament needed to get hot enough to glow. Those inventors had performed manyexperiments to gain perfect incandescent lamps. They tried to divide the electric light that theywere not too bright if the light was used in small areas, like rooms in houses. The existing arclamps were considered inefficient as the inventors tried to make the light smaller and weaker.By the year 1878 up to 1892, electric light became popular that industries on manufacturing thisdevice were growing and profitable. Then Tomas Alva Edison and George Westinghouse decidedto take control the industry of electric light. Both of them founded the Board of Patent Control, anarrangement between two companies, the General Electric and the Westinghouse Company. Thisarrangement was meant to protect the patents of those companies in judicial proceeding.United States Electric Lighting Company founded by Hiram Maxim then became Edisonscompetitor. Maxim had patented a carbon-filament lamp which resembles what Edison hadinvented in 1879. Around January 1882, an employee of USEL, Lewis Latimer gained a patent forthe "Process of Manufacturing Carbons" for the technique which was more advanced than onedeveloped by Edison. The benefit is that the technique produced longer lasting light bulbs. Thus, itis a brief story on light bulb. We hope it is useful for you.Talking about light, you are probably interested in any devices used to measure spectrum of rays.Thus you can read other articles of Lucien Lester on uv vis spectrophotometers and ramanspectrometer. Within those articles you can also find reviews on such spectrometers which youcan take into consideration before you purchase one.
  2. 2. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lucien_H_Lester==== ====Please Click this Link for more information on Edison Light Bulb:http://www.edisonlightbulb.org/==== ====