7 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and Solutions


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7 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes and Solutions

  1. 1. ==== ====SEO Link Monster Automated Link Building And Google Ranking System. Check this out....!!!http://tinyurl.com/6tjeee2==== ====To many websites, webmasters discover that major sources of website traffic come from searchengines. Therefore, they areall keen on gaining top search engine placements through search engine optimization.Based on our several years of SEO experience, we point out some common mistakes and shedsome lights to correct it.1. Cannot Get Indexed by Search Engines, Really?A garment ERP software solution provider came to me and asked a question: "I have establisheda new website for 1 year, and found a SEO company to submit my website. However, my websitecan be found in search engines only when I type my domain name http://www.indigo8-solutions.com in search query box. The SEO company told memy domain got banned. What can I do?"Ah, I told them they have been fooled by that SEO company. If you type your domain name insearch box and your website can be found, which means your website has not been banned.Interestingly, your SEO companys domain name is no longer found in Google. Their domain gotbanned only.To help them find out their real problems, I found the following in search engines:a. When typing their domain name in search query box, their site will be displayed in search result.Instead of displayingTitle Tag in the search result, search engine displays their domain name only.b. Only 1 page is being indexed.Whats the problem then?With a closer look to their coding, I found that at the top of their webpage, they heavily useJavascript to present theirheading, company name, visible content, and website menu. Actually, many search engineshave difficulties in reading Javascript codes.Solution?
  2. 2. Put those Javascript in external js files and leave the webpages with plain HTML codes. Searchengines usually have problems in crawling Javascript. Since their whole site navigation menu iswritten in Javascript, they should build a sitemap using plain HTML so that search engines canread all of their pages.One more tips: When you cannot get indexed by search engines, do not blindly believe someonesaying that your website getbanned. You should firstly look at your website structure and see if your coding are clumsy andmake search engines hard to"read" your website.The problem created by Javascript is not uncommon nowadays. Even a very big AsiaMarket Research Firm also commits this error. They are now starting to rectify it.2. Link BuildingIn many forums, some people are strongly opposed to link exchange and claim that it is a deviland it hurts your searchengine ranking and even get you banned.I personally do not agree. Evidence shows that many top sites are doing link exchange andgetting top rankings across allmajor search engines. In addition, link exchange has been a long used way for traffic building bysmaller websites. I donot see why search engines will block people to promote websites using this simple and long usedmethod.Indeed, link exchange becomes a problem only when you manipulate link text with a pure purposeof tricking search engines, exchange links with link farms, or buy hundreds of domain names andcross-link with your site.A solution to avoid link exchange hurting you includes:- Use a wide variety of link text- Seek link exchange with sites of similar theme- Emphasize on how many traffic you can get from your link partners instead of search enginerankingSome webmasters know the importance of link exchange. However, they think that it consumesmost of their time and finally give up doing it. A solution is that you can consider usingLinkautomate.com to manage your links. This kind of software saves you time in link checkingand link page update.3. Use of Flash IntroWeb design companies try hard to persuade you to use a Flash introduction as your homepage.
  3. 3. You think that "Wow! The flashanimation is very appealing and it makes your site looks more attractive". However, do you knowthat it can hurt your website in search engine ranking?Let me explain..Search engines analyze website based on text. Flash, unluckily, is not text. According to "How toDesign Website Guideline" of Siuchu Suga, search engines are not able to read content presentedbyFlash. They just treat Flash as an embedded object or graphics only. If you use a Flash Intro asyour homepage, you will never get good rankings.In addition, many Flash intro do not offer additional and meaningful content to visitors. Ask yourvisitors, how many ofthem are really interested in reading your Flash Intro before going straight to your websitecontent?A solution to use Flash or not, please ask yourself whether the Flash intro is really useful and canoffer additional information to your visitors? Secondly, instead of a Flash homepage, you mayconsider making a Flash header together withcontent at your homepage.4. Hidden Text and Meta TagsWebmasters understand that keyword density is a way to improve search engine ranking, andsome webmasters use a techniquecalled "keyword stuffing". They will stuff keywords into their webpages repeatedly, e.g. "keyword1, keyword 2, .... keyword1, keyword 2...." Well, everyone knows it does not make sense to visitors. Therefore, those"clever" webmasters will makethose text invisible. For example, make the text color identical to background color.Unluckily, this trick no longer works. Search engines are able to detect it, and penalize websitesusing this nonsense technique. If you do not want your site being penalized, remove those textimmediately in case you have adopted this method.Okay, some webmasters only stuff keywords in Meta Keyword Tags, an area for putting keywords.I am sorry to say that stuffing keywords in Meta keyword tags is also no good. You can onlyrepeat a keyword for 3 times at most. Nowadays, search engines place less emphasis or even noemphasis on Meta keyword tags. So, what is the point of risking yourself by stuffing keywordsthere?5. Use of Dynamic PagesMany websites use content managment system (CMS) to generate their webpages. Asgeneration of dynamic pages are easier forwebsite development, CMS generally use dynamic pages. However, search engines havedifficulties to spider and understand them.
  4. 4. To solve the problem, you can consider using Mod Rewrite in case you use Apache server orfinding a CMS that can generatestatic HTML pages.6. Be a Pagerank MonsterMany search engine marketers are too focused on their websites pagerank. Everyday, they aretalking and checking pagerank.They perform link building based on pagerank only. In fact, pagerank is only one factor for Googleto determine searchengine ranking. It also cannot affect your rankings in other search engines like Yahoo and MSN.If you are too concernedabout pagerank, you finally will ignore other important optimization criteria.Therefore, you should repeatedly remind yourself that pagerank is only one of the many factorsand you cannot only work on it.7. Too Believe in SandboxSome webmasters propose that a new website will be put into sandbox by Google so that youcannot get any high rankings forhighly competitive keywords. Even though their website cannot get any rankings after 1 year, theystill believe that it issandbox effect. Some even says Yahoo has Sandbox, MSN has Sandbox, etc...From Googles patent information, there is no clue that such sandbox occurs. From myexperience, if your site is new and cannot rank high in highly competitive keywords, it is solelybecause other websites are more established in search engineworld. For example, they have more inbound links, more content, etc. Therefore, webmastersshould not focus on finding how to get out from sandbox. Instead, you should put more effort inlink building and content optimization. Eventually, you will see your websites rankings rise.By Jimsun Lui, who is working in Search Engine Optimization division of Agog Digital MarketingStrategy Limited. The company assists clients in both Chinese and English search engineoptimizationArticle Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jimsun_Lui
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