Assam and its adventure tourism


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A brief outline of Assam ttourism with focus on its adventure tourism...more with

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Assam and its adventure tourism

  1. 1. Assam Tourism and TourismAttractions of North East India Lifetime pleasure with a visit to the exotic tourist destinations
  2. 2. Adventure Tourism in AssamWith the topography and varied terrain, Assam beckons the zestof thrills of all the adventure partisans. The divergent topographyof blue hills and sweeping valleys laced by the rippling cascadesof turbulent rivers has much to offer to tourists and adventureenthusiasts. Be it Aero sports, water sports or land adventure,there is scope for everything for adventure . Brahmaputra one ofthe largest River systems in the world, flows through Heart ofAssam. With its numerous tributaries offers a wide range of waterbased adventure sports. Assam is attracting more tourists becauseof its swirling landscape dotted with some magnificent hills andfast rivers that are apt for some pulse racing adventure sports. River rafting and trekking are the most indulged in activity in thestate. Then there are Aerosports like Para sailing and HangGliding which are still the upcoming sports in Assam.
  3. 3. Mountaineering  and Trekking Assam is an amazing place for trekking, both for novice as well as experienced trekkers. The hills and knolls of the famed Karbi Hills and North Cachar hills are a trekker’s paradise. They are often referred to as dream location for trekkers and mountaineers. There are many camps as well that provide you with all the necessary items for trekking. At high altitudes, carrying sun protection like sunscreen lotion and shades to mitigate the effect of hard rays is advised. The best time to visit Assam for trekking is in the months from April to October. “Elephant Rocks” in Morigaon district offers ample scope and great deals for rock climbing. Sorrounded by dense green forests and high hills, Assam is the best place for escapade.
  4. 4. River Rafting A wonderful opportunity for the tourists of Assam is the river rafting with an opportunity to explore the mighty River Brahmaputra.  Rafting is a thrilling and at the same time challenging recreational outdoor activity. Rafting in the swift flowing titanic river of Brahmaputra and its tributaries helps the tourists find out their sporting spirit. The Manas, Jia Bhoroli, and Kapili provide one with enormous scope to explore the die hard zeal within oneself. Dressed in the attire of a professional sportsman, the Assam Tourism Development Corporation helps the adventurous tourists to experience the fun and the peril associated with rafting in the river. The unique experience of rafting in the River Brahmaputra fills the tourists with an intense sense of satisfaction. Beaming with self confidence the excited tourists narrate their wonderful experience to their near and dear ones. The best time to go rafting is in the months between August and September. River rafting is one of the most acknowledged forms of sports event in Assam. There are many camps  that organize the adventure trips in Assam. This sport can be dangerous if basic safety precautions are not observed.
  5. 5. River Cruise The turbulent rivers, the mystic blue hills, the savage terrains and serene countryside beckon the adventurers to Assam .Wildlife and wilderness are the main features of a cruise in Assam on the vast Brahmaputra river – the river bed. Tourist can not miss the experience of cruising along the magnificent Brahmaputra river. Cruising on the highest navigable reaches of the Brahmaputra reveals the unique culture of the area, including at Sibsagar, the old capital of the Ahom kings, and Majuli island, home to Hindu monastic communities known for their dance drama. Brahmaputra river cruise provides luxurious rides to explore the AssamRiver cruise destinations that have most exotic combination of river and jungle. The Assam river cruise packages have special access to a number of National Parks such as the Kaziranga Sanctuary and the Manas Tiger reserve. For a grand entertaining evening  on mighty Brahmaputra , Alfresco Grand River Cruise is a nice choice.
  6. 6. Boat RacingBoat racing is a very popular sport of the state.People very often organize boat racing duringfestive occasions at places like Hajo, Saulkuchi,Barpeta, Guwahati etc. The involvement of themasses in this sport can be compared with thesnake-boat racing in Kerala.
  7. 7. Para SailingPara Sailing, a totally new sport, is slowly and graduallymaking its way to becoming the most favoredadventure sports in Assam. It has not been long since itwas introduced in Assam but already there are manyforeign and domestic tourists who wish to indulge inPara Sailing. Assam Tourist Development Corporationhas set up many institutes to organize the whole setup.In Para Sailing, a parachute is attached to the back ofvehicle and is towed behind the vehicle and arepracticed in vast open lands. There are many favorableopen spots in North Guwahati for Para Sailing.
  8. 8. GolfTo golfers delight, Assam boasts of many golf clubs,specially upper Assam , the Mecca of Golf as for as theNorth Eastern states are concerned.  Many tea gardensof Assam have golf courses tucked with them . Thereare twenty-one golf courses in Assam, most of whichare run by the tea estates. All the golf courses aregenerally 9 holes but the largest one is in Digboi whichhas 18 holes. Tourists can carry your owngolf equipment or you can hire it from the shops in thegolf clubs.
  9. 9. Hang GlidingHang Gliding is a sport that hugely depends on climaticconditions. So if you are not able to enjoy on the daythat you kept aside, dont get disappointed, come backanother day when the weather is absolutely perfect forHang Gliding. Kamakhya Hills is an ideal spot for HangGliding. Apart from that the hills around Kaziranga canalso be opted for this sport. Trained guiders will guideyou correctly in enjoying a safe fly. Except themonsoon season this sport can be enjoyed all yeararound.
  10. 10. Adventure Tourism in AssamAssam has over the years made adventure as one of the primeattractions for tourists. They have immensely improved theinfrastructure for adventure sports making it really worthwhile tocome to this state and enjoy the thrills and frills of heartpumping sports. Assam has over the years made adventure asone of the prime attractions for tourists. They have immenselyimproved the infrastructure for adventure sports making it reallyworthwhile to come to this state and enjoy the thrills and frills ofheart pumping sports. @Thanks -