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Uwe exec transitions pres feb 2012 short


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Presentation on coaching made at the Executive Transitions 'Portfolio Careers Day' held at UWE in February 2012

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Uwe exec transitions pres feb 2012 short

  1. 1. Portfolio Careers Day - Coaching Myles Mayne
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction• The demand and impact of coaching• Definitions and differentiation• The market• The route to market• The march to professionalism• Is coaching all pink fluffy HR stuff or is there a serious role for coaching in a portfolio career?
  3. 3. A Portfolio Career
  4. 4. The Demand for CoachingCoaching is the management intervention bestsuited to this changing and dynamic market CIPD £173 million
  5. 5. Coaching Works• A Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) survey found that:• Coaching can deliver tangible benefits to organisations – 99% of respondents agreed• Coaching is an effective way of promoting learning – 96% agreed• When coaching is managed effectively, it can have a positive effect on the bottom line – 92% agreed.
  6. 6. The impact of coaching• Fortune 500 firm derived benefits from coaching of 529% ROI.• Manchester Consulting Group survey of change and growth-oriented coaching found 545% ROI.• Bristol & West Financial Services looked at the added value of coaching as against training. – Neither training nor coaching - sales up by 4% – Training only – sales up by 8% – Training and coaching – sales up by 27%
  7. 7. Coaching Continuum HELPING SOMEONE SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS PULL Listening to understand Asking questions Paraphrasing and summarising Suggesting options Giving feedback Offering Guidance Giving advice Instructing TellingPUSH SOLVING SOMEONE’S PROBLEM FOR THEM
  8. 8. Portfolio Careers Day - Coaching Myles Mayne