Presentation to surdna 01.18.12


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Presentation to surdna 01.18.12

  1. 1. Building Sustainable EconomiesPresentation to the Surdna Foundation January 18, 2012
  2. 2. 2Mission:The Pratt Center for Community Development works for amore just, equitable and sustainable city. SWOT Analysis and Strategy: Emerging community concerns  Sustainable Neighborhoods  Green Manufacturing Create new models for development in low- income communities Translate service experience into policy Leverage university resources for low- income communities
  3. 3. How: Pratt Institute Resources School of Architecture School of Art and Design3 City and Center For Sustainable Design Communications Regional Planning And Design Fellows, studios, research and advocacy Branding and advertising Retrofit Food For Design Block by Management New York Block Environmental Business and Systems Mgt Process Planning Sustainable business Pratt Center Programs practices and policies Fine Arts Green Local Bus Rapid Community Outreach Sourcing Transit And Education Facilities Management Industrial Design Develop, track and evaluate Incubator for Sustainable conservation measures Innovation and Business Product and process development
  4. 4. Retrofit Block By Block4 Goal: Create a replicable model for bringing residential retrofits to scale Strategy:  Leverage social networks  Focus on clusters of similar buildings  Gather and utilize data Status: Over 500 homeowners enrolled in retrofit programs in less than a year Next Steps:  Aggregate retrofits  Streamline audits  On-bill finance TA  Further develop retrofit tracking system
  5. 5. Bus Rapid Transit5 Goal: Prioritize Transportation Improvements that Link Working-Class Neighborhoods and Workplaces Strategy: COMMUTE! Bus Rapid Transit Campaign Milestone:  NYC DOT Planning for a Citywide BRT network Current Projects  Nostrand Avenue Merchants / B44 Next Steps  Work to ensure that ‘next phase BRT’ prioritizes underserved communities and engages them in planning
  6. 6. Green Manufacturing: A Growth Strategy6 Q. Do you market your company as green or environmentally sustainable? Yes No Q. Which of the following reflects Growing 52% 20% your company’s revenues over The Same 17% 20% the past 12 months? Declining 23% 60%
  7. 7. Green Local Sourcing7 School Construction Authority Pilot  $700m in school retrofits/ 10 years Partnership with SCA and Deputy Mayor to maximize economic impact and lower carbon footprint by targeting local manufacturers  Services include:  Sourcing assistance to ESCOs  Marketing assistance to manufacturers  Working with government to strengthen and codify local sourcing
  8. 8. 8Goals: Creating A New Food Chain• Strengthen healthy food sourcing from upstate to local manufacturers, vendors and retailers• Integrate healthy food vending into commercial revitalization plansProjects• Farm to Factory and Farm to Bakery Projects• Commercial Revitalization• Measuring local food carbon footprint
  9. 9. Brooklyn Navy Yard Report: Update9 • Completed 187 surveys of BNY tenants and over a dozen interviews with BNY Board members and other stakeholders (e.g councilmembers, Brooklyn BP office) • Currently conducting survey analysis and running economic impact models • Review of BNY Board Books and rent rolls to garner better understanding of tenant mix over time • Analysis on current national manufacturing policy trends • Analysis on current manufacturing employment trends • Outreach and research on manufacturing policies and opportunities in other US cities (e.g. Detroit, San Fransisco, Cleveland, Memphis, LA, etc
  10. 10. Urban Manufacturing Alliance10 Goal: Grow urban manufacturing sector Strategy: Collaborate and coordinate with several U.S. cities to share best practices and advocate for national policy Launching UMA  Partnership with SFMade  Develop strategic toolkits  Build communities of practice  Develop 3-5 year plan
  11. 11. Pratt 2.011 Planning Perspective Art Perspective Industrial Design Perspective