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HESPA All change Event November 2015


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Jisc and HESA presentation on a national business intelligence service and research and development project using an agile data analysis model across UK University planning departments

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HESPA All change Event November 2015

  1. 1. HESA and Jisc Business Intelligence Project JonathanWaller - HESA, Myles Danson - Jisc
  2. 2. HESA and Jisc BI project overview
  3. 3. Heidi Plus A new service offering; Improved data content and functionality (new data warehouse to optimise utility and processing speed) Delivery of data sets through commercially-available data explorer tool New visualisations and dashboards New training programme and support materials Application programming Interface (API) retained for those using own BI and analytics systems
  4. 4. More disaggregated (but still anonymised) student and staff data New approach developed to ensure Data Protection compliance based on advice of top Data Protection barrister Comprises: framework of organisational and user agreements new Data Protection training programme three levels of access permission plus new Lead Contact role Access to more detailed and flexible data
  5. 5. Beta 1 release - 9 organisations participated; ended on 4 September Beta 2 release – underway now, 25 organisations participating, ending 6 November. Production release planned for: Monday 30 November Production release to include range of data sets with others being added up to April 2016 Current Heidi decommissioned November 2016 Development schedule
  6. 6.  Data Protection webinar training being delivered to Lead Contacts and optionally to Gold level users  Lead Contact workshops planned for November and December in London, Liverpool, Belfast and Edinburgh: hands-on training in using the system  See for details of the workshops  Training programme being planned for 2016  Wide range of training materials also under construction Training sessions and materials
  7. 7. Heidi Lab
  8. 8. Jisc is the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions Operate shared digital infrastructure and services Provide trusted advice and practical assistance for universities, colleges and learning providers We… Negotiate sector-wide deals with IT vendors and commercial publishers 13
  9. 9.  A new national analytics research and development project.  Focuses on business questions that can’t be addressed through Heidi Plus.  Support improvement in sector efficiency through the submission and analysis of professional services cost benchmarking data  Technical; MS SQL Web & Business (elastic), DocumentDB (elastic), Alteryx, Tableau server Heidi Lab
  10. 10. As a: Outreach officer When: Planning widening participation recruitment I want to: Better understand potential student demographics So I can: Achieve my targets in the most efficient way
  11. 11. Data catalogue Image: Anton Bielouso CC BY_SA 2.0Image: dankueck CC BY SA 2.0 Link to live Catalogue Contribute a user story
  12. 12.  Efficiency and ModernisationTask Group Report (2011), recommendations 1 & 2  Universities UK ‘Delivering Efficiency through effective benchmarking’  Taxonomy of business processes and associated cost categories  New data capture and integration service  HEIs choose whether to engage, what level of taxonomy to use, which other HEIs can see their data  HEIs share and benchmark costs in ‘cognate’ groups  Service pilots in February/March 2016 Professional Services Cost Benchmarking
  13. 13. What is agile?
  14. 14. Agile overview
  15. 15. Benefits of Agile  Stakeholder engagement  Transparency  Early delivery  Predictable costs and schedule  Allows for change  Focus on business value and on customers  Improves quality
  16. 16. Heidi Lab Agile approach
  17. 17. Heidi Lab Scrum in a slide
  18. 18. 18 institutional Development team members (0.2 FTE HE BI / analyst / data experts)  Joining 4 regional teams  4 senior BI / analyst / data advisors (Product owners) @ 7 days / team  1 for each team (names and titles)  4 Data / agile support staff (Development team members) @ 7 days / team  1 for each team  4 Jisc facilitators (Scrum masters) @ 7 days / team  1 for each team Heidi Lab winter teams
  19. 19. Heidi Lab winter teams
  20. 20. Business Intelligence maturity
  21. 21. UK BI maturity dashboard 50 HEI responses (38%) Why and how; Recorded webinar Make a return;
  22. 22. UK / US BI maturity dashboard 270 responses (27%) Make a return;
  23. 23.   ‘subscribe JISC-HESA-BUSINESS-INTEL’ to  Twitter @HESA @jisc #hesajiscbi Keep in touch
  24. 24. Q & A