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The Internet and Your Business


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The Internet and Your Business

  1. 1. The Internet and Your Business Myles | | @mylesb
  2. 2. Why do I need anonline presence?
  3. 3. With Social Network services like Yelp, GigPark,and GetSatisfaction your customers mightalready be providing your online identity.
  4. 4. This is a big problem.
  5. 5. Write Something Good 17%Write Something Bad 83%
  6. 6. That bad comment or review might be the firstintroduction a prospective customer sees aboutyour company.
  7. 7. False True50% 50%
  8. 8. Step One• Register your company on every review site on the Internet. • Or at least on Yelp, GetSatisfaction, and GigPark.• The idea here is to look public.
  9. 9. • A recent example of a company that did this badly was Apple this week.
  10. 10. • A recent example of a company that did this badly was Apple this week.• and Amazon last Thursday to Friday.
  11. 11. • A recent example of a company that did this badly was Apple this week.• and Amazon last Thursday to Friday.• and Sony which is still going on.
  12. 12. • Companies that survive PR disasters are the ones that are completely public.
  13. 13. Step Two• Register your company on all the Social Networking sites on the Internet. • Or at least Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.• Have a public email address and check it daily. •,,• The idea here is to look accessible.
  14. 14. Customer Support• I am a tall guy and the strap on my bag was to short so it wouldnt sit properly on my lap on the subway.
  15. 15. Praise• CloudApp made a really cool UI re-design of their Web Application.
  16. 16. Tools• CoTweet - A better interface for companies that run Twitter accounts.• HootSuite - Will connect to your FaceBook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.
  17. 17. Step Three• Have your own site on the Internet that is under your ownership.• Buy a domain name.• Get some web hosting.• It might cost you around $30 a year but its worth the $0.10 a day.• Buy one of those reusable coffee cups for $5 and get $0.35 off your morning coffee.
  18. 18. • When a prospect searches your company on Google, Bing, etc. your website will be the first result.• Even bad reviews will increase your PageRanking (checkout DecorYourEyes
  19. 19. Side Note• If you are looking for a job buy your name as a domain name (e.x. and get email hosting.• That way on your CV you will have a professional email address (e.x. instead of
  20. 20. • Buy your kids domain name as while and give it to them on their 18th birthday.
  21. 21. • There are a lot of great web hosts out there (but most of them are bad).• Good • NearlyFreeSpeech - if you like to learn. • Hover - if you just want a website and Email.• Bad • GoDaddy (sexist and kills elephants)
  22. 22. Beware of Scammers• To design a simple website like the one I just showed took me literally twenty minutes (I spent fifteen of trying to pick the right font).
  23. 23. Hiring a Web Designer1. You will generally enjoy their company.2. They will not ask to put a link at the bottom of your page saying "Designed by Me".3. They will not like you calling them every time you need to update a page.
  24. 24. • If you need help you can email me at and I can refer you to someone I trust.
  25. 25. Marketing on the Internet.
  26. 26. People dont likeadvertising on the Internet.
  27. 27. Google Adwords• Similar to an auction.• Can set a Geographical location. • World • Canada • Ontario • Greater Toronto Area • Ajax
  28. 28. But really people hate advertising on the Internet.
  29. 29. Give something away for free.
  30. 30. Not a coupon or a toaster.
  31. 31. Your UniqueKnowledge.
  32. 32. Do we have anyone inthe audience who has a skilled trade?
  33. 33. Thank You.
  34. 34. Email
  35. 35. Please Vote on Monday.