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Set goals correctly


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Learn how to set goals correctly with this SlideShare.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Set goals correctly

  1. 1. How to Set Successful Goals
  2. 2.  There are wrong ways and right ways to set goals.  If you set goals correctly, they’ll motivate and inspire you to accomplish your action steps quicker, compared to when you set your goals incorrectly.  Setting goals correctly helps your mind know exactly what kind of knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals.
  3. 3.  If you’ve set goals before, but weren’t motivated or inspired by them, you might’ve set your goals incorrectly.  Before you decide to quit on your goals, check to see if you’ve set your goal statement clearly and specifically.  Did you have the right purpose for your goal?  Are your action steps realistic and achievable?
  4. 4.  See if your goals need adjustment, and if so, refine them accordingly.  Even if you have a small hiccup in your goal, it could prevent or slow you down from achieving your goals.