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Listen to your body


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Learn to listen to your body because it gives out signals to help you take care of your body to achieve good health.

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Listen to your body

  1. 1. How to nourish your body LISTEN TO YOUR BODY
  2. 2. Body Signals Your body sends out signals to help you take care of yourself and improve your health, so do not ignore them. For example, when you are hungry or full, your body sends out a signal to eat or stop eating. When your body is in pain, it sends out a signal for you to take care of the pain. However, when your body receives everything it needs, it will be satisfied and there is no need for it to send out any signals. Learn to trust your body. Your body does not send out a signal for no reason.
  3. 3. Listen To Those Signals When your body is tired and out of energy, your body would send out a signal that it is tired so you can do something about it to recover your energy level. Some of the common reasons why you might be tired are a lack of food, water, exercise, rest or sleep. In this case, think about which area your body lacks and try to provide your body with it. For example, if you believe you have already had enough healthy nutrition, think about what else could be lacking. Is it water, exercise, or sleep? Try to provide your body with it to recover your energy.