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  1. 1. (Group 1) Miguel Bulgar Kyle Solano Eloisa Bacason Jilianne Bautista Kathryn Bugho Polyanna Cabunoc Aliza Caling Mikaela Untalan Chelsea Vasquez
  2. 2. Background
  3. 3. Settings Vergil begins his story in the years following the final sack of Troy. Carthage (a city in northern Africa) ,Sicily, Italy, Underworld
  4. 4. Characters Mortals (Major) • Aeneas – The protagonist of the Aeneid. – the son of the Trojan mortal Anchises and Venus (the goddess of beauty and erotic love). – He is a fearsome warrior and a leader. A man capable of great compassion and sorrow.
  5. 5. Characters Mortals (Major) • Dido – The queen of Carthage and lover of Aeneas. – Was the wife of the murdered king, Sychaeus who was killed by his own brother –Pygmalion. – The confident and competent ruler of Carthage
  6. 6. Characters Mortals (Major) • Turnus – Juno’s protégés – he ruler of the Rutulians in Italy. – Aeneas’s major antagonist among mortals. – He is brash and fearless, a capable soldier who values his honor over his life.
  7. 7. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Anchises – Aeneas’s father – a symbol of Aeneas’s Trojan heritage.
  8. 8. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Creusa – Aeneas’s wife at Troy. – Creusa is lost and killed as her family attempts to flee the city. – She tells Aeneas he will find a new wife at his new home.
  9. 9. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Ascanius – Aeneas’s young son by his first wife, Creusa. – He is brave and has a sense of leadership.
  10. 10. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Sinon – The Greek youth who pretends to have been left behind at the end of the Trojan War. – He persuades the Trojans to take in the wooden horse as an offering to Minerva, then lets out the warriors trapped inside the horse’s belly.
  11. 11. Mortals (Minor) Characters • Latinus – The king of Laurentum (a region of Latium, in Italy) • Lavinia - Latinus’s daughter. - The question of who will marry Lavinia— Turnus or Aeneas—becomes key to future relations between the Latins and the Trojans and therefore the Aeneid’s entire historical scheme.
  12. 12. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Amata – wife of Latinus. – Amata opposes the marriage of Lavinia, her daughter, to Aeneas. – Amata kills herself once it is clear that Aeneas is destined to win.
  13. 13. Mortals (Minor) Characters • Evander – King of Pallanteum (a region of Arcadia, in Italy) – a sworn enemy of the Latins ( ruled by Latinus) – Aeneas befriends him and secures his assistance in the battles against Turnus. • Pallas - Son of Evander
  14. 14. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Drancës – A Latin leader who desires an end to the Trojan-Latin struggle. • Camilla – The leader of the Volscians, a race of warrior maidens.
  15. 15. Characters Mortals (Minor) • Juturna – Turnus’s sister. – inducing a full-scale battle between the Latins and the Trojans by disguising herself as an officer and goading the Latins after a treaty has already been reached. • Achates – A Trojan and a personal friend of Aeneas.
  16. 16. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Juno (Hera) – Queen of the Gods – the wife and sister of Jupiter – daughter of Saturn. – hates the Trojans because of Paris’s judgment against her in a beauty contest. – patron of Carthage – She takes out her anger on Aeneas throughout the epic, and in her wrath acts as his primary divine antagonist.
  17. 17. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Venus (Aphrodite) – Goddess of Love – mother of Aeneas – a benefactor of the Trojans.
  18. 18. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Jupiter (Zeus) – King of the Gods – son of Saturn • Neptune (Poseidon) – God of the Sea – an ally of Venus and Aeneas
  19. 19. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Mercury (Hermes) – The messenger god. Aeolus The god of the winds
  20. 20. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Cupid (Eros) – A son of Venus and the god of erotic desire • Saturn (Chronos) – The father of the Gods
  21. 21. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Vulcan (Hephaestus) – God of fire and the forge – husband of Venus • Tiberinus – river god associated with the Tiber River
  22. 22. Characters Gods and Godesses (Roman) • Minerva (Athena) – The goddess who protects the Greeks during the Trojan War – against the Trojans • Allecto – One of the Furies, or deities who avenge sins – sent by Juno in Book VII to incite the Latin people to war against the Trojans
  23. 23. Book I Summary  Aeneas and surviving Trojans flees to Italy.  Juno harbors anger toward Aeneas • Pr ophecy: t he r ace descended f r om t he Tr oj ans w l l som i eday dest r oy C t hage (Juno’s f avor i t e ci t y). ar • Par i s j udged Juno’s r i val Venus f ai r est i n a di vi ne beaut y cont est .  Juno cal l s on Aeol us, t he god of t he w nds, di r ect i ng hi m i t o br i ng a gr eat st or m dow upon Aeneas as he sai l s n sout h of Si ci l y.  Venus appears to Aeneas • Tel l s hi m about Sychaeus (D do’s husband) deat h. i • Advi ces hi m t o go t o D do (Q i ueen of C t hage) t o ask hel p ar f r om t he ef f ect of t he gr eat st or m .  Cupid, God of Love (sent by Venus) • D sgui sed as Ascani us (Aeneas’ son). i • M ade D do f al l i n l ove t o Aeneas. i
  24. 24. Book II Summary [After cause of the Trojan War (Aeneas – Dido)]  Sinon, the chosen sacrifice of the Greeks to Minerva • D i ng t he pr epar at i on he escaped. ur • Br ought a gi ant w ooden hor se  That Night… • G eek w r i or s i nsi de t he hor se’s bel l y sl aught er ed r ar Tr oj ans • H or – Aeneas [t hr ough a dr eam = i nf or m t hat Tr oy ect ] ed i s i nf i l t r at ed. • G eeks br eak i nt o t he pal ace l ed by Pyr r hus. r Pyr r hus ki l l ed Pol i t es (son of Pr i am and H ecuba) and Ki ng Pr i am .  Aeneas was determined to kill Helen, the cause of war • Venus appear s and advi ces hi m t o f l ee f r om Tr oy si nce
  25. 25. Summary Book II  Aeneas together with his family flees away • C eusa (Aeneas’ w f e) w l ost f r om t he gr oup. r i as • Aeneas sear ches f or her af t er t he com ot i on but i nst ead m he m s her spi r i t . She t el l s hi m not t o be sor r ow ul eet f because a new hom and w f e aw t hi m i n H e i ai esper i a. • Aeneas l eaves Tr oy.
  26. 26. Book III Summary [Still aftermath of the Trojan War]  Trojans leaves Troy  At Delos, Apollo speaks to Aeneas, instructing him to go to the land of his ancestors. • The gods of Tr oy appear t o Aeneas i n a dr eam and hi m t hat I t al y i s t he pl ace Apol l o r ef er r i ng t o.  Resting on a beach of Sicily, they encountered Cyclops (oneeyed monsters) where Aeneas’ father died.  They landed lastly at Tyre.  Aeneas concludes his story to Dido
  27. 27. Book IV Summary  Juno pretends to have peacemaking with Venus • D do’s l ove f or Aeneas as a w t o keep Aeneas f r om i ay goi ng t o I t al y.  Dido and Aeneas gone hunting  Juno brings storm upon them. • They went to the cave.  Jupiter sent Mercury • To remind Aeneas his fate in Italy  Aeneas flees secretly yet Dido sees it.  Dido kills herself.
  28. 28. Book V Summary  Trojans stays to the Sicilian Port of Eryx. • I n honor of Aeneus’ one year deat h anni ver sar y he suggest s t o Acest es (r ul er ) f or ei ght days of sacr i f i ci al of f er i ngs and on t he ni nt h day of com i t i ve gam (r ow ng, r unni ng, ar cher y and pet es i boxi ng)  Juno- Iris (messenger) • I r i s per suaded a Tr oj an w an set s f i r e t o t he om shi ps. • Aeneus pr ayed t o Jupi t er and a r ai nst or m occur r ed.  His father appears and tells Aeneus he has a difficult foe at Latium. Auneus was left confused.
  29. 29. Summary Book VI  Trojan arrives on the shores of Italy.  Sibyl, priestess of Italy • Golden branch in the forest Aeneas goes Underworld (alond with Sibyl) • He sees Dido in the ‘Fields of Mourning’ • Along the ‘Blessed Groves’ he sees Anchises (his father). • Anchises tells Aeneas the explictation of his lineage in Italy; Romulus will found Rome and Rome will reach a Golden Age. Aeneas returns on land.
  30. 30. Book VII  The Kingdom of Latium • • • • Summary Latinus- King of Latins Lavinia- daughter of Latnius; has many suitors Prophet’s Prediction: a foreign army will conquer the kingdom Oracle of Faunus: Lavinia should marry a forigner  The Foundation of the New City • Aeneas: requests (to Latinus) a share of land • Latnius: suggests Aeneas to marry his daughter  Allecto, one of the Furies • Sent by Juno to make Queen Amata oppose the marriage of Lavinia and Aeneas. • Inflames Turnus to drive out the Trojans in Italy.
  31. 31. Book VIII  Tiberinus, the River God Summary • Adviced Aneas to make an alliance with Arcadians. Evander, King of Arcades • Invited Aeneas for a feast and in which he agreed for an alliance. • He gives his son, Pallas to Aeneas to be taught the arts of war. Venus speaks to Vulcan (God of Fire and Forge) for new weapons [for Aeneas] • At the camp, she gives the weapons to Aeneas.
  32. 32. Summary Book IX  Turnus sets fire of the Trojan ships But was saved by Cybele, mother of the Gods (the ships reappear as sea nuymphs) Nisus and Euryalus (Arcanians) • slaughtered Latins as they were fast asleep but both eventually died. The Latins counterattacked, in the Trojan camp, but was left outnumbered so they escaped.
  33. 33. Summary Book X  Jupiter decided to not help either side, Juno (Latins) and Venus (Trojans) during the meeting of the Gods.  Pallas was killed by Turnus which made Aeneas in rage.  Juno sees that the battle is lost so she saves Turnus by carrying him ashore far down the coast.  Menzentius, the great Latin warrior • Was slayed by Aeneas which means the defeat of the Latin army.
  34. 34. Summary Book XI  Pallas was given a proper burial and died honorably • King Evander forgives Aeneas.  The council called by King Latinus • Dual of Turnus and Aeneas - - to settle the war (temporal decision)  Trojan to the City of Latium (happened during the council going on) • Camilla – leader of the Latins that was killed • Leaderless, Latins retreated.  Trojans and Latins returned to their respectice armies.
  35. 35. Book XII  Queen Amata kills herself Summary • When she saw the Trojans attacking the city, Latium  Duel of Aeneas and Turnus • Juno accepted the fact that Turnus will eventually lose  She requested to Jupiter that the victorious Trojans will take the name and language of Latins in which Jupiter agreed. • Jupiter send furies, weakening Turnus. Aeneus strikes Turnus’ leg. Turnus begs for mercy but Aeneas sees the belt of Pallas tied around Turnus’ shoulder which rages him.  Aeneas kills Turnus.
  36. 36. Themes The Primary of Fate • The course of the epic merely postpone this unchangeable destiny. • The power of fate stands above the power of the gods in the hierarchy of supernatural forces. (Associated woth the will of Jupiter) • The development of individual characters in the epic is apparent in the readiness and resistance with which they meet the directives of fate.
  37. 37. Themes The Sufferings of Wanderers • Ancient culture stressed the idea that a homeland is one’s source of identity. • Homelessness implies instability of both situation and identity, it is a form of suffering in and of itself. • The long wanderings at sea of the Trojans serve as a metaphor for the kind of wandering that is characteristic of life in general.
  38. 38. Themes The Glory of Rome • Virgil wrote the Aenid during the Golden Age of the Roman Empire, under Rom’s first emperor, Caesar Augustus. • Virgil’s purpose was to write a myth of Rome’s origins that would emphasize the grandeur and legitimize the success of an empire that had conquered most of the known world.
  39. 39. FIN.
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