Power Without Plugins - WordCamp Miami 2012


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Very few slides - we will mainly be going over code samples, but here are the slides anyways. Never mind the strange fonts - I was using a nonstandard type.

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Power Without Plugins - WordCamp Miami 2012

  2. 2. Myke Bateshttp://thealchemediaproject.com@mykebatescontact@mykebates.com
  3. 3. To Plug or Not to Plug…• Personal preferences.• Don’t bork my markup.• Don’t get in my way.• Don’t waste my time.• Are we just writing to the screen?• Flexibility.
  4. 4. To Be Clear• I am not recommending the elimination of plugin use.• I love plugins… just not all the time.• If a plugin works for you – use it.
  5. 5. On To The Overview• A few loaded hand coded examples – Image slider – Very basic E-Commerce setup – Time based interactive media player• Through these examples you will learn a handful of powerful and reusable concepts to aid you in creating your own custom feature sets – without plugins.
  6. 6. Install Some WordPress• And let’s jump into some code• Sorry there are not many slides left 
  7. 7. Custom Post Type• Post, Page, Attachment, Revisions, Nav Menus and Custom• register_post_type( $post_type, $args )• single-{posttype}.php archive-{posttype}.php
  8. 8. Setup Shirt Post Type
  9. 9. post-options-api• https://github.com/kovshenin/post-options- api• Initialize Post Options API• Register sections• Register fields
  10. 10. You Still There?• Hopefully these code samples have shown you how quick and easy it can be to roll out custom WordPress implementations based on your needs.• If not, I have one more sample.
  11. 11. Resources• post-options-api - http://bit.ly/qIE9dZ• Popcorn.js - http://bit.ly/ejwxC9• Nivo Slider - http://bit.ly/9xQ2xV• Codex Post Types - http://bit.ly/aXNkEw• Codex Thumbnails - http://bit.ly/bY7BiH