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Edu 352 motivation powerpoint (wk1)


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Motivating people to be happy with themselves, set goals, and achieve those goals.

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Edu 352 motivation powerpoint (wk1)

  1. 1. Set your goals and go afteryour dreams and find yourown pursuit of happiness. Carletta Williams EDU 352
  2. 2. What it means to be happy withyourself?1. Ask the question who am I?When asking this question,you have to take time foryourself and think aboutwhat you like, dislike, whatyou stand for, don’t standfor, what type of people youlike, people you don’t like,and lastly figure out yourpersonality.
  3. 3. What it means to be happy withyourself? (Cont.) 2. Never linger in the past because the past is the past. You have to allow yourself room to grow, improve, and become a wise person
  4. 4. What it means to be happy withyourself? (Cont.)3. Don’t worry about howothers see you. If you are constantly thinking about others perspective of you then you’ll never know how you see you. Question may come to mind such as “Do they like me?, Am I funny?, Am I pretty enough?, Do I look fat?, but always know that if you change for a few you may not like who you have become. Worry about what you think of yourself.
  5. 5. What it means to be happy withyourself? (Cont.) 4. Express your individuality. Only you know what you like to do, listen to, say, act, and think. You and only you know your sense of style, so always be you be cause everyone else is taken.
  6. 6. Following these few guidelines of being happy with yourself can helpthat parent to provide a good life for their child, help the teacher tohave the confidence it takes to successfully instruct his/her class,and help the students to be confident and comfortable withthemselves and have a bright future.
  7. 7. Achieving your GoalsThe few steps it takes to achieve your goals is are well worththe journey once you see all of your dreams come true. 1. Take the time to realize 4. Put a target date on what you like and what those goals makes you happy. 2. Write on a piece of paper all of the goals you would 5. Put the list in your wallet like to achieve (the small or purse and look at it in 2 and the bigger goals of days and if the goals you any kind) listen seems perfect for you 3. After reading over the then lets work to achieve goals, try to pick out the them. If not, you can start 10 most important goals. over and see if plan two will work better.
  8. 8.  You are the only one who can provide the amount of motivation it takes to achieve these goals Never let anyone cloud YOUR judgment.
  9. 9. Working toward and achieving yourgoals. A few ways to make your dreams come true. 1. Stay motivated 2. Stay focused 3.If you have a temporary set back on your goals, just try harder and you will achieve your goals.
  10. 10. Being happy withyouraccomplishmentsAnyone who hasworked hard toachieve their goalshas truly reached forthe stars and caughtone.Continue to work hardand live in your glory.No matter how old oryoung you are orwhere you come from,you can reach yourgoals and know thetrue Meaning ofHAPPINESS
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