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Living and breathing the social workplace - DanielKraft - SharePoint Conference


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Breakout session at the SharePoint Conference - Living and breathing the Social Workplace by Daniel Kraft.

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Living and breathing the social workplace - DanielKraft - SharePoint Conference

  1. 1. daniel kraftpresident & ceo
  2. 2. human in a digital worldenterprise power of social social social business solutions succeed
  3. 3. enterprise social
  4. 4. business value •  news/social monitoring •  innovation & learning + •  knowledge & expertise social business solutions •  gamificationenterprise engagement + extended capabilities, integration, reach, use cases, compliance, analytics platform sharepoint 2010 and 2013 integration
  5. 5. human centricend user control
  6. 6. mobile first
  7. 7. universal notificationsoutlookplug-in enhanced analytics
  8. 8. social business capabilities
  9. 9. Deep social - be human
  10. 10. it’s not a straight line expressing recognizing emotions emotions read a face smile digitally attention like badge social KPI digitally follow sentiment
  11. 11. people who care are more productive only engaged employees employees 92% 14% are more 200% innovative satisfied with their job 41% with less have an emotional sick days relationship to their work emotions are key to human productivity
  12. 12. teamwork + communication innovation
  13. 13. enrich reward resultsinnovation
  14. 14. recognition & identity 64% say$300B 82% recognition leave from feeling inspires lost productivity under-appreciated performance pride is a major driver to performance
  15. 15. pride in a digital world sense of empowered belongingaccomplished learn 90% from motivated experience and others
  16. 16. We’re just getting started building social business solutions
  17. 17. business social business humanecosystem processes solutions productivity
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Manufacturing HCM Innovation management, getting the Human Capital Management most from your great engineeringMicrosoftWorking natively in the Microsoft ERP Professional Servicesenvironment, including SharePoint, Integration of business processes like Field enablement, empower thoseAzure, Lync, SQL, Windows 8 in SAP from ERP to SCM and BI wonderful people our out there for youSAP CRM Financial ServicesWorking natively in the SAP Integrating leading CRM environments Case management, working one yourenvironment, from SAP, Dynamics to cases as a team human building the social workplace productivity
  20. 20. we’re justgetting started
  21. 21. march 5-7, 2013 common purpose denver, co + collective wisdom