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SWeDe - Scientific Webservice Description


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Niall Beard, Bachir Balech, Patricia Kelbert

Published in: Technology
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SWeDe - Scientific Webservice Description

  1. 1. Scientific Webservice Description SWeDe Niall Beard Bachir Balech Patricia Kelbert
  2. 2. Motivation Register Register Register
  3. 3. Motivation Update Update
  4. 4. Motivation Update Update Out of Sync
  5. 5. Motivation SWeDe •Name •Base URL •Description •Etc Update Update once. Update Everywhere.
  6. 6. Implementation • Steps: – Decide what information is needed to describe REST services – Formulate an XML Schema Definition – Create an input form based on the schema
  7. 7. Implementation • Survey of existing technologies: – Similar Schemas • Access To Biological Collections Data (ABCD) • – Registries • Bio(*/diversity)Catalogue • BioRegistry – Requirements from CDM Occurrence Export Webservice
  8. 8. Demo – – SWeDe/blob/master/example_swede_occurrence CatalogueWebservice.xml
  9. 9. Summary SWeDe •Name •Base URL •Description •Etc Update Update once. Update Everywhere.
  10. 10. Scientific Webservice Description: Questions? Update once. Update everywhere.