Study says older motorcyclists more likely to get injured


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Study says older motorcyclists more likely to get injured

  1. 1. Study Says Older Motorcyclists More Likely to Get Injured, Heated Clothing Might Help Try the best heated clothing like heated jackets for a safer driving! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Motorcyclists are a common in public roads and highways, and motorcycle accidents are nothing new. Because they have minimal protection (a mere helmet) from road hazards, more and more of them get into accidents. One
  2. 2. would think that the majority of those involved in motorcycle accidents are young and reckless, but a recent study says otherwise. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, older motorcyclists aging 60-80 are the ones most susceptible to road mishaps and heated gears might just be the answer to this dilemma. For a safer driving, try the best heated clothing like heated jackets now! Motorcycle crashes are rampant in itself, but the fact that older riders are the ones crashing and burning raised a lot of concerns in various motorcycle associations. Dr. Mark Gestring, the director of the trauma program in Rochester says “Treating a 60-year-old who has been in a motorcycle accident is very different from
  3. 3. treating a 21-year-old who has been in a similar accident -- 60-year-olds bring a lot more medical baggage with them, and this can adversely impact outcomes following injury”. One reason behind older crashes is their minimal gear. A helmet won’t be able to save the arms and legs that are more or less likely to be affected in crashes- limbs that are frail for an 80-year-old. Poor judgment on the road also plays a big part, and the harsh weather often triggers bad driving decisions. The study mentioned that aside from external reasons such as when another vehicle is involved, crashes happen because the body loses it nerve signals under extreme weather conditions. The blood circulation is decreased, thus failing to send oxygen-rich blood to the extremities and affecting motor skills that are extremely vital in operating a motorcycle. It suggested that
  4. 4. because older people have weaker immunities, they are more likely to experience this health setback. Riders must keep their body temperatures up during winter, where roads are slippery and fatal. Heated gears such as vests, gloves, and socks are constant sources of deep penetrating heat that can regulate the body heat. It repels the effects of extremely cold weather, and provides comfort any time of day. Older motorcyclists can benefit from the increased blood stimulation the heat brings, as it dilates the capillaries and provides a cardiovascular boost. A separate study by the College of New Jersey Medical Center says that the use of heat therapy in the form of heated gears or wraps effectively lessens the symptomatic effects of bone diseases, including pain.
  5. 5. Dr. Gestring adds that in order to fully prevent injuries on the road, motorcycle associations should coordinate with hospitals to raise safety awareness in motorcycling, like the use of proper gear. Heated gears could save a senior citizen riding a motorcycle from health impediments that cause accidents on the road —not only while riding, but also at home. To get your own heated gears, visit and choose from hundreds of thermal apparel and gadgets manufactured by top brands. For more information regarding heated clothing and heated jackets, just visit the links given! ### Contact person: April Camille K. Banzon