Get rid of menstrual back pain


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Get rid of menstrual back pain

  1. 1. Get Rid of Menstrual Back Pain For more information regarding neck pain relief products using heat therapy, just visit the links given! I’ve heard of dysmennorhea and how common it is for women during their monthly period. I, however, experience dysmennorhea and back pain during menstruation. As if having my monthly is not bad enough, it’s accompanied with severe cramps and relentless pain on my back. I sometimes miss school because of it. The pain is just too much I can’t focus and at
  2. 2. times, it leaves me immobile. I tend to lose my appetite and even lessen my water intake for fear that putting something in my stomach would worsen the pain. I know it probably has no scientific explanation but I usually just stay in bed and rest especially during the second day of my period when blood flow is strongest. I sometimes take Midol when the pain is just too much and I can’t afford to just stay home and rest. Thing is, I don’t want to be reliant on it. Taking too much medicine can’t be good for my body. Sure it would give me temporary pain relief but who knows what side effects it will have if used long term? I also try applying hot packs on the painful area and it relieves the pain somehow. I just have to lie down when I do that though, otherwise it would slip off and fall. Bit of a hassle though because I keep on
  3. 3. having to heat water to put in my hot pack once it cools off. Want more information regarding neck pain relief using heat therapy, just visit the links given! I read about menstrual cramps and back pain online. Apparently, it’s pretty common among women. I learned that I should drink water all the more since dehydration elevates the pain. I also found out that exercising helps lessen the pain so I’m making it a habit to jog for 30 minutes during my monthlies (although I’m thinking of doing it every other day for health purposes). Another amazing thing I discovered is that heat therapy wraps are now available and may be purchased online. My hot packs
  4. 4. are great but they just won’t stay in place and they’re not necessarily convenient to use. The therapy wraps target specific parts of the body like the lower back which is perfect for my menstrual back pain. It can also be used for my menstrual cramps so it’s hitting 2 birds with one stone. The wraps are supposed to be form fitting and the Velcro locks are made to make sure it fits comfortably in the body. I can even use it in school while sitting in class because they have rechargeable back wraps. I’m definitely saving for my back wrap. It would probably mean going out less in the coming weeks but I’m sure it will be worth it.