How To Stop From Eating


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How To Stop From Eating

  1. 1. When I was very overweight one thing I would love to have discovered was how to stop from eating. I dontsuppose that Im alone in thinking like that but the truth is we cant stop eating; we need food to survive and if wedont eat then after a very short space of time we will die.
  2. 2. Stopping from eating food altogether is just plain silly and incredibly dangerous.
  3. 3. When people are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes ordrugs, then abstaining forever is the only way forward, butof course that cant be done with food. However, learning how to stop from eating too much is something that we can all do and it doesnt have to be difficult either providing of course that you are prepared to make some lifestyle changes.
  4. 4. As human beings we are not perfect and at some point inlife we all eat too much. Even those with the strongest ofwillpower will occasionally give in to temptation and eat more than their body needs. That is absolutely fine.
  5. 5. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with having the over indulgence, and overeating every once in a while isntgoing to do any harm. Actually, over indulging every now and again can be beneficial because it tricks the metabolism into working harder.
  6. 6. No, where the problems start is when overeating turns into binge eating or becomes a regular habit.
  7. 7. One thing you can put into practice straightway while you discover how to stop from eating too much is to not eat while doing other things. One of the reasons you overeatin the first place could be because you dont set aside time to actually sit down and eat a meal properly.
  8. 8. Because we lead such busy lives, more often than not we are inclined to grab something convenient like a readyprepared snack or eat our breakfast on our way out of the door while trying to get the children to school on time.
  9. 9. Or, if like me you are home alone regularly, the habit tends to be that instead of preparing a decent nutritious meal, you make repeated trips back and forth to the kitchenduring the day and night and spend your time grazing and nibbling on food from the fridge or the cookie jar.
  10. 10. Discovering how to stop from eating too much wont bequite so tough if you learn how to make an event of yourmealtimes. Actually put your food on a plate and sit down at the table with no distractions; that means no television, no computer and no phone.
  11. 11. When you focus on what you are eating you are more likely to notice how much you are eating and lets face it, most of your overeating happens in secret. Therefore ifyou sit down to eat with your family or friends you are lesslikely to stuff yourself because you will be very aware that other people can see what you are doing.
  12. 12. Many people use food as an emotional crutch, using foodto try to comfort themselves or temporarily feel better. If you think that you could be using food in order to avoid having to deal with a particular problem or difficultsituation then perhaps its time to seek help instead of a second helping?
  13. 13. Knowing how to stop from eating too much takes somepractice, effort and time but it can be done. You also have to be prepared to deal head on with the reasons you overeat in the first place. Simply by changing just onething at a time and taking it step by step you will be ableto discover coping strategies that allow you to eat to live and not live to eat!
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