1000 Calorie Diet Menu With Meal Plan


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1000 Calorie Diet Menu With Meal Plan

  1. 1. Several diet plans have become prevalent over the last few years, mainly thanks to the experts on the internet.Most will advise a calorie reduction to lose weight and the1000 calorie diet seems low, but it is effective. This weightloss diet will suit the person of a sedentary nature, or one who like to sit around a lot and do little exercise - the loveable couch potato.
  2. 2. Due to the severe restriction of calories, the 1000 calorie a day diet is a short term solution, and should not exceed three day at a time. It would be advisable to consult aknowledgeable doctor or a nutritionist before embarkingon such a strict regime. You will have to consider the daily demands of your body with the 1000 calorie diet and whether you are supplying the nutrition needed to stay healthy.
  3. 3. This diet is usually recommended by the medicalprofession when obesity has reached the stage where it is life threatening, and you might well call the 1000 calorie diet an emergency measure. Also keep well hydrated ifyou decide on this diet or any other diet; not only is water essential for your well-being it is a great hunger pacifier.
  4. 4. The following plan has the approval of the USDA andrecommends these proportions for the 1000 calorie diet to provide the correct nutrition during the weight loss procedure.
  5. 5. 1 cup of vegetables and fruit, 3ozs grains, 2 ozs of beansand meat, 2 cups of milk, 3 teaspoons of good quality oil(extra-virgin olive oil is suitable) Plus 165 calories of your choosing to give you the perfect diet plan. And dont forget to drink water within your comfort limits.
  6. 6. Sample Diet Plan:1st Meal:
  7. 7. · Your breakfast should be a banana chopped up on a bowl of cereal with skimmed milk and a little honey or better still, coconut sugar.
  8. 8. Mid morning snack:
  9. 9. · 1 cup of skimmed milk or ½ cup of yoghurt with some fresh or frozen strawberries
  10. 10. Lunch:
  11. 11. · 2 slices of whole-wheat bread with 3 ozs of lean beef, or ham, ½ cup of grapes or a plum, lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad with olives and chopped apple. Sprinkle with olive oil.
  12. 12. Mid -afternoon snack:
  13. 13. · Half a small apple with cottage cheese. (about 75 Calories)
  14. 14. Evening Meal:
  15. 15. · Stuff a tortilla shell with ½ cup mashed beans, ¼ cup rice, a handful of shredded lettuce, and a small slice of low fat strong cheese. Plus a dash of Tabasco if you dare.
  16. 16. · Before you retire you may have a cup of grapes or strawberries.
  17. 17. Water, herbal teas and none-calorie beverages may be consumed throughout the day.
  18. 18. More Meal Suggestions:
  19. 19. 1st Meal:
  20. 20. · Grab a small bowl and cook up some oat bran. Throw in asliced banana, a few raisins, a teaspoon of cinnamon and a cup of skimmed milk. Sweeten with coconut sugar or a little honey.
  21. 21. Mid morning snack:
  22. 22. · You would be surprised how a handful of nuts can be so filling. Select your favorites and add a few raisins.
  23. 23. Lunch:
  24. 24. · There is nothing nicer than scrambled egg on a slice of whole wheat toast, and its low-cal. Add to it ½ cup of strong cheese sprinkled on top.
  25. 25. Evening meal:
  26. 26. · Adorn your plate with finely chopped lettuce and placeon top 6 cherry tomatoes, ½ cup sliced green bell pepper,6 spring onions, ½ avocado, 2 ozs chopped chicken. Dresswith extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with dried basil.
  27. 27. The 1000 calorie diet makes an ideal starter diet before embarking on a long term diet, which of course is a life change to a healthier way of living. Expand what I haveshown you here and add your own ingredients, but use acalorie counter to keep track of your input. If you proceedwith this plan you will lose weight and if you dont need to be that severe with your weight loss program you can always make your own sensible adjustments.
  28. 28. http://www.losslbs.info/