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Toyota etios vibrates like a tractor engine is fitted inside


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Passengers vibrate inside the Toyota Etios 2011 version just like this water bottle.
This test is very simple test to demonstrate the vibrations being produced by the poor quality of Toyota Etios Engine Higher NVH levels lead to fatigue, headache, backache, cervical and other severe body ailments with prolonged use.
Higher levels can also make the driver impulsive and unattentive on the road leading to accidents on Roads.
All these effects can cause impulsiveness in the driver and can lead to serious accidentss.
Please be aware and test the vehicle before you risk your life and the life of your near and dear ones.

This demonstrates the excessive vibrations produced in Toyota Etios, it has very high NVH - a parameter which defines the driver and passenger comforrt.
NVH is an industry term that stands for noise, vibration, and harshness.
It is a search for the source of a noise, shake, or vibration, and it refers to the entire range of
vibration perception, from hearing to feeling.
Noise is unwanted sound; vibration is the oscillation that is typically felt rather than heard.
Harshness is generally used to describe the severity and discomfort associated with
unwanted sound and/or vibration, especially from short duration events.
NVH is also called sound quality analysis, which involves metrics such as loudness,
sharpness, sound exposure level, and others.

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