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Powerpoint myeshi briley,hs bcp bio

  1. 1. Myeshi Briley,HS-BCP Bio
  2. 2. Myeshi Briley,HS-BCP • About Myeshi Briley, HS-BCP: • Myeshi has more than 18 years of community service experience. She has volunteered her time in the field of Human Services in an effort to help make a better tomorrow. During the last 3 ½ years, she has become a philanthropist for epilepsy. She has donated money, time, skills and literature for the research and support of epilepsy. Prior to and throughout her community service, she held several positions with J. P. Morgan Chase. She worked for this financial institution for 14 years. Throughout her time in the banking industry, she has been a part of many acquisitions. • She held much responsibility for the bank and held the following titles: • National Operations Risk Manager/ AVP Officer • National Telephone Banking SR VP Operations Unit Manager II • Project Manager II • Market Loan Financial Services Manager
  3. 3. Myeshi Briley,HS-BCP • She has always had an entrepreneur spirit. She was the owner of a small yet flourishing online and store front sterling silver jewelry store for nine years. For one year she hosted her own weekly radio show to help inspire listeners to take control and action on advocacy issues in America. Myeshi has a Masters Degree in Human Services with a Concentration in Organizational Management and Leadership. She also holds many certifications in Psychiatric Technician/ Direct Client Care, Psychotropic Medications, Assisted Living Management and Human Services Board Certified Practitioner. She supports a variety of charitable organizations throughout the world. Myeshi was recently recognized for her efforts with an award in 2010 from Rotary for her work with the Books for the World Project. In two months, Myeshi collected over 800 new books for South Africa to help with their educational needs in schools. She also supports End Polio Now with The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and sits as a Board Member and Foundation Chair of the Rotary Club of Houston Northwest Sunset.
  4. 4. Myeshi Briley,HS-BCP • Myeshi has also currently or formerly been a part of the following organizations: Former VP of The Woodlands Ladies Club, Myeshi Briley, HS-BCP Philanthropist Project, Volunteer at AH Civic Center Youth and Adult groups, Clean Texas Streets, Adopt a County Mile, Red Cross Blood Drive, Build a House program, Angela Tree program, supporter of Buffalo Soldiers Museum, Children’s Books on Wheels and Education Presenter for the Epilepsy Foundation of Texas. Her passion is research that would one day find a cure for epilepsy. She is also an advocate for helping children and adults with life skills once diagnosed with epilepsy. She is currently working on a book that focuses on effective techniques for working with students with epilepsy. Human Services for Myeshi Briley, HS- BCP is a true life style as she is dedicated to helping others find their true passion in Human Services work to make the world a better place.