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City of Houston
Community Liaison
Myeshi Briley,MS,HS-BCP

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Coast2 coastpowerpoint

  1. 1. City Of Houston Community Liaison Myeshi Briley,MS,HS-BCP
  2. 2. Free Discount Prescription Card Savings:
  3. 3.  The Coast2Coast Rx Card is a free prescription discount card provided from the City of Houston.
  4. 4. Cardholders and their families will save up to 60% on their dental care needs at over 80,000 dental care providers with over 140,000 offices. Cardholders who use the network have access to more than 140,000 access points nationwide. If you ever want to find a new dentist, there is no paperwork to fill out or waiting periods. Each family member can choose his or her own dentist – even if they are all at different locations.
  5. 5.  All network dentists agree to charge members using a fixed fee schedule that is typically 25-40% below their usual charges. This provides savings for you and your family every time you visit your network dentist
  6. 6.  Cardholders and their families will save an average of 10% to 50% on their eye care needs at over 12,000 chain and independent vision care providers.
  7. 7.  Mail-order contact lenses replacement program  Discounts on corrective surgery (LASIK)  Purchase as often as you like.  Choose from the most popular frames, tints and lenses.  Immediate savings at point of purchase.  Discounts are applied at the point of sale.  No paperwork.
  8. 8.  Cardholders and their families will save 35% on their hearing needs from over 2,000 Audiology Centers nationwide.
  9. 9.  35% discount off of the price of hearing aids offered by our network provider.  Free initial hearing exam valued at $119.  Two year supply of batteries valued at $98.  Two year manufacturer’s warranty including coverage for loss and damage – valued at $350.  Unlimited follow-up visits – valued at $439 assuming 6 visits.
  10. 10.  Office visits  Surgical procedures  X-rays  Examinations  Injections  Care for your pet’s teeth
  11. 11.  Cardholders and their families can save up to 70% on their diabetes supplies with our special discount pricing for online orders.
  12. 12.  Savings up to 70% on diabetes testing equipment and supplies.  Free starter kit offers.  Finest quality diabetic supplies at prices less than big box retailers and national pharmacy sale prices.  Free talking meter and dash meter programs.  3 to 5 day ground residential home delivery.  Special discounts for online orders.
  13. 13.  What is the name of this discount prescription card? The name of the card is the Coast2Coast Rx Card.  Does a cardholder need more than one card for his or her family? No. A cardholder can use one card for his or her entire family
  14. 14.  Can a health insurance prescription card be used at the same time with the Coast2Coast Rx Card? No. Only one card can be used when filling a prescription. However, if a prescription is not covered under a particular plan, then someone may go to a participating network pharmacy and use the card to obtain a discount.
  15. 15.  Are some drugs covered under the Coast2Coast Rx Card that other prescription plans do not cover? Yes, occasionally. In the event that a health insurance prescription plan does not provide a discount for a particular drug, it is likely that our card will provide a discount for that drug, as over 60,000 formularies are included in our discount prescription card.
  16. 16.  Are there limits on usage? No. A cardholder and his or her family may use the card as often as needed. Family members include all dependents, including grandchildren.  Is there an expiration date for the card? No. There is no termination date for the card.
  17. 17.  Does everyone qualify to use the card? Yes. There are no restrictions, and anyone over the age of 18 may use the card. This does not prevent a parent or guardian from obtaining discounts on prescriptions for their dependents who are under the age of 18 years.
  18. 18.   Get Your Card Today Like us on Facebook : Prescription-Card/140592549461387?id=140592549461387&_rdr