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More about Shopping with My Elite Grocer (MEG)

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  1. 1. Shopping & Delivery Gift Packages for ALL occasions and EVERY pocket Calligraphy Baked Goodies Healthy Treats Fresh Fruits Life Made Easy! 876.564.8041 Affordable Luxury. Quality. Convenience.
  2. 2. Join the Meg Life Got Meg? If you don't then YOU should. Meg does your shopping with doorstep delivery while YOU enjoy Life. Let Meg worry about your shopping list so YOU won't have to. Now you'll have time to enjoy the people & things that mean a lot.
  3. 3. Join the Meg Life Meg… For grocery shopping think of Meg [Affordable Luxury] [Convenience ] [Quality Food ] Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Healthy Foods, International Foods, Beverages including Premium Liquor, Wine, Chocolates, Cigarettes & Flowers  Our team has Food Handler’s permits and groceries are kept cool from basket to doorstep with our air-conditioned motor vehicles.  Association: - International Concierge & Errand Assoc (ICEA) - Licensed Exporter - Private Sector of JA Trade Policy Committee - JAMPRO/PSOJ Planning Committee (London 2012)
  4. 4. Join the Meg Life My Elite Grocer = $ Savings Benefits  Save Valuable Time!  Increase Productivity & Boost Staff Morale  Reduced cash outlay for Salary expense & health ins. costs  Staff recruitment & retention incentive  Save Money (stay within budget) and Eat Healthier!  Quality, Value and Convenient Delivery!  Enjoy Freedom of Choice!  Guaranteed Confidentiality & Service!  Easy Payment Options!
  5. 5. Join the Meg Life Meg = $ Benefits  Convenience! No more dragging the kids in and out of the car, no more drudging through the rain and no more sweltering in the heat. Place your grocery shopping and delivery order online or order by telephone. You can order for next-day delivery or you may open an order to have your groceries delivered at a later date. The latter allows you to save money by making meal plans in advance or to plan for that "special occasion".  Enjoy Freedom of Choice! While most other grocery services limit your choice by only allowing you to shop through their warehouse selection or from just one store. Meg allows you to choose which local grocery store that your groceries come from. By giving you freedom of choice, you are sure to get the particular brands that you know without any unsuspected surprises.
  6. 6. Join the Meg Life Meg = $ Benefits Save Valuable Time! Our purpose is to eliminate all the countless hours your Staff spend shopping for groceries and household supplies, standing in line and fighting traffic. Now they can spend their time more focused on work and doing the things they really enjoy like quality family time. In just minutes one can place their grocery delivery order by phone, fax or online and Meg will have your groceries delivered right From The Basket....To Your Door! Save Money and Eat Healthier! By using the Meg grocery service, you can avoid impulse shopping and unwanted trips to fast food restaurants and convenience stores. There are absolutely no mark-ups on your grocery items. You simply pay the same amount that the grocery store of your choice charges for the groceries you order, including sale and "club card" prices, plus the modest grocery shopping and delivery charge. In fact, you will receive ALL of the savings of doing the shopping yourself, without having to take YOUR personal time to do it!
  7. 7. Join the Meg Life Meg = $ Benefits By using the Meg grocery service, you can avoid impulse shopping, fuel wastage with unwanted trips. For example Taxi/Fuel Cost from Shortwood Teacher’s College to Hi-Lo Manor Park = US$5 (1-WAY) Time to remove goods from the shelf, Wait in line, Checkout = US$YOUR TIME/HR Taxi/Fuel Cost: Hi-Lo Manor Park to Shortwood Teacher’s College = US$5 (1-WAY) Time to unpack items in the Kitchen Pantry = J$YOUR TIME/HR As a guide min. wage in Jamaica for 2009 = US$1.18 per hr Join the Meg Life membership for STRESS-FREE grocery shopping only US$20 (one-time cost + processing fee)
  8. 8. Join the Meg Life Meg = $ Benefits  Guaranteed Confidentiality & Service! Our Guarantee to you ensures our success as a whole. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our service, let us know and we will do what ever we can to make it right for you! Above all, we pledge confidentiality.  Quality brand: Meg takes care in selecting the right items on your behalf  Staff incentive: Inexpensive reward for Staff punctuality, Award for your Staff’s highest customer service rating as voted exclusively by Customers.
  9. 9. Join the Meg Life Meg Services.  Special Loving Care [Seniors & Expectant Moms]  Working Singlez, Momz ‘N’ Popz  I Jamaica  Forgetter-Roo [Went to the store and forgot a key item? Call MEG ]  Gifts - Customized packages [Just tell us your budget] Signature packages: Jerk Me Crazy, Heavenly Delight & Ciggiez ‘N’ Rum  ‘Gift of Time’ certificates
  10. 10. Join the Meg Life Meg Gift Packages Jerk Me Crazy Custom Gift Heavenly Delight CalligraphyCiggiez ‘N’ Rum
  11. 11. Join the Meg Life Fresh Fruit & Baked Goodies 5 per day…keeps the doctor away. Salads, Party Platters & Kebabs Freshly Baked Goodies – Coconut Macaroon cookies, Pound Cake, Raisin bread, Banana bread, Jamaican Plantain tarts, Cupcakes & more Call Meg at 564-8041 today!
  12. 12. Join the Meg Life Wines Red or White… International or Local What’s your fancy?
  13. 13. Join the Meg Life How does Meg work? E-mail: or Call (876) 564-8041 with your  Grocery list* - State preferences: Brands, Health concerns (where applicable)  Delivery date & time (NEXT-DAY delivery)  Payment option  *Min. purchase applicable. US$58/J$5,000
  14. 14. Join the Meg Life 1-2-3 Meg 1 - Contact us E-mail or call Meg at +1.876.564.8041 with your grocery list. Tell us: - i) Quantity of products ii) State brands (where possible) and iii) Product size
  15. 15. Join the Meg Life 1-2-3 Meg 2 - Shopping & Delivery i) Tell us your desired shopping location or if you prefer Meg to choose ii) Let us know your address, delivery date & time.
  16. 16. Join the Meg Life 3 - Easy Payment Options Select one of our four (4) payment options and clearly state in your e-mail to us. i) Online payment via PayPal ii) Debit cards swiped upon delivery iii) Cash and iv) Credit card. Note: The credit card option is available exclusively for our Platinum Elite/MegLife members.
  17. 17. Join the Meg Life Join the Meg Life We look forward to hearing from YOU! Digicel: (876) 564-8041 Lime: (876) 322-4001 e: w: b: t: f:
  18. 18. Join the Meg Life Thank you for your time!