Open house 12 13 power point


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Open house 12 13 power point

  1. 1. Welcome to Grade Two at ISM! Ms. Duprat’s Class How education has changed !
  2. 2. Your Grade Two Teachers!
  3. 3. What’s it like to be in our classroom? MS . Z
  4. 4. Units of Inquiry In Grade 2 we cover four Units of Inquiry. 1). Group Membership Essential Questions How can we know about our family’s past? How does the past still influence us today? Why have some traditions changed and some remained the same over time? Understanding Learning about our family history enables us to understand the relationship between the past and the present and discover our own cultural origins.2). Sustainable Production and Consumption3). Connections to the Natural World4). Creative Expression Parallel Unit – Learning to Learn
  5. 5. Value of Communication in the Education Process Communication is the key! Concerns Positive outcomes Issues Clarification ProgressWe are partners in making sure that your child has a successful year in Grade 2! Blog Site – E-mail Book a time and come in and see me  A Day In The Life Of Your Second Graders!