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Asked to outline new relationship between the individual and public services for Jeff's Citizen2013 conference. It focuses on emergence of the UK's new ID assurance model and what else can be done with that infrastructure.

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William for citizen2013

  1. 1. www.mydex.org - All right reservedDigital by default:ID assuranceWilliam Heath @williamheathMydex.orgCitizen2013
  2. 2. 1. User Control ID assurance activities can only takeplace if I consent or approve them.2. Transparency ID assurance can only take place inways I understand and when I am fully informed.3. Multiplicity - I can use and choose as many differentidentifiers or ID providers as I want to.4. Data Minimisation - My request or transaction onlyuses the minimum data necessary to meet my needs.5. Data Quality - I choose when to update my records.from http://digital.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/2012/04/24/identityand-privacy-principles/GDS DRAFT ID Assurance principles 1-5
  3. 3. GDS DRAFT ID Assurance principles 6-96. Service-User Access/Portability I have to beprovided with copies of all of my data on request; I canmove/remove my data whenever I want.7. Governance/Certification I can trust the Schemebecause all the participants have to be accredited.8. Problem Resolution - If there is a problem I knowthere is an independent arbiter who can find a solution.9. Exceptional Circs Any exception has to beapproved by Parliament and is subject to independentscrutiny.from http://digital.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/2012/04/24/identityand-privacy-principles/
  4. 4. Eight cross-government ID assurance providersworking with GDSCassidianDigidentityExperianIngeusMydexPayPalPost OfficeVerizonGuides at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/identity-assurance-enabling-trusted-transactions
  5. 5. Will GDS ID Assurance work where previousNational ID Scheme did not?The ID principles seem sound (but theyre still in draft)The Good Practice Guides seem fit for purposeIt is designed to work online - thats the whole pointAlpha test pilots provide chance to check:● is it convenient, is it safe, is the individual really in control?● is implementation sound from the individuals PoV?What are the incentives on the IDPs?...but its not all risk: What other benefits and utility will thisinfrastructure provide?
  6. 6. eg data givebacks from Twitter, FB, Google "data liberation"● BBC TheSpace viewer data● NHS, education recordsBIS Midata, Enterprise Reform Act, Midata Innovation LabThe personal data store is a digital letterbox and supports self-completing forms● 10 years two-way encrypted structured data for the price ofsending one single letter● Makes user-friendly data sharing guidelines availableIts a proto-VRM platform for The Intention EconomyBeyond IDP: further implications of solving theproblem with a personal data store
  7. 7. www.mydex.org - All right reservedDigital by default:ID assuranceWilliam Heath @williamheathMydex.orgCitizen2013