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Personal Data: How can your residents help you? by William Heath


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William Heath announces Mydex Community Prototype to UK local government

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Personal Data: How can your residents help you? by William Heath

  1. 1. William Heath Personal data: how can your residents help you? Talk for Socitm 2010, Brighton
  2. 2. Personal data: how can your residents help you? Personal data: where we are today A “data logistics” perspective Personal data stores: some context The Mydex Community Prototype What does it mean? What next?
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  6. 6. Personal data store context Financial/economic: • Cost of keeping data up to date • Cost of providing services with poor data • Cost of bad data logistics Political • Push-back on “Database state” • Desire instead for market ID solution • Desire to restore responsibility to individual • Manifestos, think tank papers; WEF Tech: • User-centric ID: Higgins, InfoCards • Selective disclosure/PETs eg uProve • Trust framework: OpenID, OAuth, OIX
  7. 7. Announcing today 11 Oct: Mydex Community Prototype World's first live personal data store service Individuals can store, manage and transmit their “address+” basic non-financial data First relying parties include three councils Includes verification service to the individual Research and academic studies of lessons Runs Oct 2010-Jan 2011 Devised by Mydex Community Interest Company
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  9. 9. So what's in it for... Individuals? Convenience, saves time & hassle, preserves/adds value, new insight, empowerment, acquired trust Organisations? Lower cost; better data accuracy, quality, completeness, richness, better compliance, better relationships, fewer lost opportunities The economy? Reduce cost of existing activity (averaging, push, guesswork); potential wave of new entrepreneurial person-centric services Society? Active, confident, participative people; foundation of trust in online services
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  13. 13. What is unique role of LAs in all this? 1. Run core infrastructure esp the electoral roll 2. Rich, deep relationships with individuals 3. ...based around a shared interest in location 4. ...which both the Council and individuals want to optimise (better local services, value) 5. + core public-service ethos: not to exploit but to support individual/ citizen. If you agree, Mydex needs a workable way to engage with local government.
  14. 14. Summary & conclusion. New data logistics with PDS lets councils: • Reduce costs • Re-engage with residents/customers • Realise investment to date (notably in CRM) • Improve services that depend on personal data • Open the way to new user-side apps • Help governance, compliance data minimisation Info pack/White Paper available:
  15. 15. William Heath Personal data: how can residents help you? Talk for Socitm 2010, Brighton