Managing identity for the future how everybody can win - david alexander - mydex ceo


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Presentation of Mydex personal data services and identity platform to the Digital Enterprise Europe event in Amsterdam on the 11th of June 2013

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Managing identity for the future how everybody can win - david alexander - mydex ceo

  1. 1. How everybody can winDavid AlexanderCEO and Co-FounderMydex Data ServicesCommunity Interest CompanyInteroperable Open Trust FrameworkYour data, your way
  2. 2. When two or more interact theyshare common needsTrustProofSavetimeSavemoneyGetthingsdoneClarityConvenienceProtection FreedomControlValueYour data, your wayData
  3. 3. For everybody to winyou have to address allneeds for allparticipantsYour data, your way
  4. 4. Mydex has built anopen platform thatmakes thatpossible, todayYour data, your way
  5. 5. Your data, your wayRelying PartiesAttribute ProvidersAttribute VerifiersThe Mydex Trust Framework is open to allPolicymakersMydex Charter | Terms for Members | Terms for ConnectionsData Sharing Agreement | ISO27001 | tSchemeTrust FrameworkProvider and platformMydex MembersPersonal Data ServicesApplicationService ProvidersUnique Secure EncryptedConnections
  6. 6. Your data, your wayWe enable organisations with....● Secure two way digital data / letterbox○ Consent driven / standard data sharing agreement● Platform for attribute exchange○ provider / verifier / relying party● Identity Services○ Registration / Federation / SSO / Assurance● Application Platform○ streamlined customer journeys○ rapid deployment○ data management and distribution
  7. 7. Your data, your way
  8. 8. Your data, your way
  9. 9. Your data, your wayWe enable Apps developers by....● Reducing Risks and Costs○ Application development and delivery○ Data Storage and Security○ Built in data protection and privacy○ Low cost deployment● Providing access to richer datasets○ Permissioned consent for use○ Trusted Identity and verified attributes○ Ability to extend schema’s to meet specific needs● Providing open environment○ Easy access via stable standards based API○ Clear documentation○ Sandbox to test concepts and ideas
  10. 10. CollateCurateCombineAnalyseShareYour data, your wayIdentitiesTransactionsCertificatesRelationshipsDemographicsPreferencesContactsIntentionsAgreementsWe enable individuals to.....
  11. 11. Your data, your way
  12. 12. Your data, your wayRelationshipsPermissionsConsentSocialStreamEmploymentEducationContractsTransactionActivityCredentialsManagementEnergy ConsumptionFinancial ActivityCall HistoryBrowsing HistoryIdentityStatus / RightsEvidence / Proofs ofClaimsUsernames /PasswordsViews / opinionsLikes / dislikesInformal Relationships / ConnectionsInterestsUniversal CreditsEnergy TariffTenancy AgreementMobile PhoneCarerParentSocial WorkerChildPartnerAddress BookEmployersSchemesAttendanceWorkExperienceJob SearchesEducationHealth / Social Care RecordsTransactionsEvidence / Proofs of ClaimRelationshipsPower of Attorney
  13. 13. Your data, your way
  14. 14. Your data, your way
  15. 15. Your data, your wayIdentity and verified data and proofs of claim moveseamlessly between participants across the platformwww.mydex.orgI amentitled to lowenergy tariffYour are on UCYou have a blue badgeVerified AddressAttendedI have a blue badgeHasmobileProofs of claimdelivered via digitalcertificatesIndividual givesconsent for datasharingI have a trustedIdentityI have a trusted Identity
  16. 16. Your data, your wayThis isinevitableevolutionWEF Personal Data the new asset class
  17. 17. Your data, your waySo whopays for it?Organisations
  18. 18. Your data, your wayOrganisations pay because it is an easy ROI for themMeasures● Cost savings● Print and Postage● Data management● Front line service centres● Systems Development /Integration● End to end transactionexecution● Compliance● Risk reductions● Improved Compliance● Improved Data Quality● Reduced Data sparsity● Improved Customer satisfaction● Improved retentionTransactions Impacted● Billing● Collections● Transaction history● Receipting● Forms processing● Quotations● Contract and Tariff Management● Call Centre traffic● Face to Face traffic● Issue Management● Inbound communications● Outbound communications● Risk Management● Verification Services
  19. 19. Your data, your waySimple economics of a Mydex personal datastore and trusted identity services● 4p a year vs. 40p a letter● 45% to 76% reduction in transaction costs● Reduced fraud and error● Protects consumers● Opens up new value chains and channels● Full compliance Data Protection regulations● Digital by default becomes a reality for all● Data portability becomes low cost for all
  20. 20. Your data, your wayIndividuals get their Mydex ID and PDS forfree as it drives adoption via their serviceproviders● Convenience and ease of use● Easy access to data, information and services● Little or no data entry, by product of daily living● Simplify administration / seamless access to services● Delivery of rich evidence and proofs of claims● Apps and Tools that● Save them time● Provide Insight and understanding● Keep them safe● Help change behaviours● Trusted Digital Identity
  21. 21. Your data, your wayWhy Mydex is different and a platform for Trust● We are an asset locked UK social enterprise formed in 2007● Our mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives moreeffectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control oftheir personal data and how it is used by them and others● We reinvest 65% of any profits in our social purpose● Education to support our social purpose● Platform Development● We are a trust framework and open platform● Trusted Digital Identity and Personal Data Store● Secure sharing of personal data via RESTful API● We are live, we are free to Individuals● We are ISO27001 certified company and service
  22. 22. Your data, your wayHTTPSRESTful APIjson/xml/yamlapi keyConIDUIDPlatform essentials - any device, any OS, any Language -Standards based APIEach PDS is individual and uniquelyencrypted by the individual
  23. 23. Your data, your wayWe do not provide any of the services above the line,Our focus is the platform that makes it all possibleThe Mydex Platform – its open, its simpleWe sell connections to the platform to organisationsWe provide people with a Personal Data Store for freeWe make a % on transactions across the platformApplications ConsultingBPO / BPM Integration BPRTrusted Advisor
  24. 24. Your data, your wayEverybody really can win● Trusted Identity is a by product of attributeexchange between individuals and organisations● Innovation comes from equipping the individual tobe an active participant● Cost savings and risk reductions occur directly as aby product enabling consent based data sharingbetween individuals and organisations● Personal Data Services are an economicaccelerator for all