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Introduction to Mydex CIC Personal Data Stores - 7th March 2013


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Mydex Community Interest Company (CIC) is building the personal data services platform for the semantic web and transforming the opportunity for individuals to manage and control their lives.

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Introduction to Mydex CIC Personal Data Stores - 7th March 2013

  1. 1. Your data, your wayNext Generation Identity, Digital Channel,Integration and Application Platform ServicesTransforming customer engagement and operatingcosts - All right reserved
  2. 2. Who and What is Mydex about •  We are an asset locked UK social enterprise formed in 2007 •  Our mission is to empower individuals to manage their lives more effectively through convenient, trustworthy access and control of their personal data and how it is used by them and others •  We will (have to ) reinvest 65% of any profits •  Education to support our social purpose •  Platform Development •  We are a trust framework and open platform •  Trusted Digital Identity and Personal Data Store •  Secure sharing of personal data via RESTful API •  We are live, we are free to Individuals •  We are ISO27001 certified company and - All right reserved
  3. 3. The landscape we address are these needs and issues:Individuals Organisations / Apps•  Cumbersome online access •  Identity is a challenge•  Too many identities •  Fraud prevention complex•  Time it takes to administer life •  Operating costs increasing•  Fragmented information •  Trust is eroding with individuals •  Customer churn & cynicism is•  Security threats increasing / sourcing their own•  Time taken to complete basic solutions tasks •  Data volumes growing•  Lack of control of data exponentially•  Lack of knowledge about data •  Analytics and insight incomplete usage •  Privacy laws, consent and data•  Inability to assert rights protection increasing focus•  Constant request for same •  Lack of trusted digital channels information again and again •  Complexity of delivering solutions - All right reserved
  4. 4. Organisations we work with, need and seek: •  Identity Solutions •  Federated Login / Single Sign On •  Verified data attributes •  Certificates to support proofs of claims •  Low cost secure trusted channels •  Improve data quality / reduce sparsity •  Access richer / broader data •  Streamline customer journeys and flows of data •  Improve business process flows •  Applications that bridge traditional applications and organisation boundaries •  Need to work inside and outside the organisation •  Need to include the citizen /
  5. 5. Application Developers are seeking: •  Reduced Risks and Costs •  Application development and delivery •  Data Storage and Security •  Built Data protection and privacy •  Low cost deployment •  Access to richer datasets and services •  Permissioned consent for use •  Trusted Identity and verified attributes •  Ability to extend schema’s to meet specific needs •  Open Environment with clear documentation •  Easy Integration •  Stable standards based API •  Sandbox to test concepts and - All right reserved
  6. 6. Individuals want and need •  Convenience and ease of use •  Easy access to data, information and services •  Little or no data entry •  By-product of daily living •  Apps and Tools that •  Save them time •  Provide Insight and understanding •  Keep them safe •  Ability to get basic tasks done easily •  Simplify - All right reserved
  7. 7. Mydex Platform delivers benefits to all Benefits Individual Organisations App Developers Trusted Identity Yes Yes Yes Cost Savings Yes Yes Yes Time savings Yes Yes Yes Reduced risk of fraud, increase in Yes Yes Yes trust and security Increased insight and analysis Yes Yes Yes New income streams Yes Yes Yes Increased speed in transactions Yes Yes Yes Increased Convenience and ease of Yes Yes Yes
  8. 8. Convenience, Trust, Security = Empowerment for individual Cost savings, increased transaction speed, reduced risk, improved insight and engagement = ROI for organisations THE MYDEX PLATFORM A TRUST
  9. 9. Our ISO27001 Certification describes Mydex in the following way…. "The provision of secure digital storage areas to individuals to enable them to manage their personal data and identity, which they can send and receive, under their control, with connecting organisations and applications they have authorised accordingly"
  10. 10. Mydex provides a Trust Framework as a platform Policymakers Mydex Charter | Terms for Members | Terms for Connections Data Sharing Agreement | ISO27001 | tScheme Relying Parties Application Attribute ProvidersService Providers Attribute Verifiers Trust Framework Provider and platform Unique Secure Encrypted Connections Mydex Members Personal Data Services
  11. 11. Mydex offers three core services to organisations anywhere in the world in any language •  Secure consumer digital letterbox / data channel •  Distribution, Synchronisation, Engagement, Verification •  Managing Data Protection & Permissioning requirements •  Identity Services •  Registration, Federated Identity / SSO, Assurance •  Application Platform •  Integration, New Customer Journeys •  In platform / Out platform
  12. 12. We do not provide any of the services above the lineOur focus is the platform that makes it all possible BPO / BPM Integration BPR Applications Consulting Trusted Advisor The Mydex Platform – its open, its simple. We sell connections to the platform to organisations. We provide people with a Personal Data Store for free. We make a % on transactions across the platform.
  13. 13. Our commercial model is low cost pay as you go, designedfor sustainability and ease of adoptionIndividuals Organisations / Apps•  Mydex provides service free •  Low cost connection fee to the •  No hidden clauses platform per system + per •  No data rights for Mydex •  No access to their data without individual connected permission •  Annual support fee 25% of•  Education programme to connection fee explain personal data, privacy •  Small share of any charges security and how to control and across the platform manage their personal data •  No cost to become a developer•  Community engagement or use sandbox •  Features •  Open data schema •  Data attributes •  Strong identity and connection •  Education needs verification, certification and testing of apps and connections
  15. 15. We provide individuals with a hyper secure personal data service and enduring digital
  16. 16. It stores any aspect of an individuals life and can be organised how they wish It allows the individual to acquire data, proofs of claim and verifications about any aspect of their life and identity and share with whom they wish in a secure
  17. 17. There are many dimensions to an individuals personal data which can be stored, curated and shared under their control Preference Intentions Status Rights Relationships Credentials Evidence Management Employment Transaction Consumption Career Repository Activity Term Contracts Social Views/ opinions Conditions Stream Likes /
  18. 18. A Personal data store connects individuals to all aspects of their life, interactions and activities Health Social Care Network Voluntary Culture & Charity Art Education Professional Homes & White goods / age / spec Exam Assets Size / rooms / Expenditure / Income Finance Tax & Benefits Equipment / Assets Purchases Benefits Entitlement to Low energy
  19. 19. Integrating data from multiple sources is complex to do manually. A Mydex personal data store makes it easy.Benefits to individuals NHS No: / CHI #•  Convenience Culture / Art • Health & Social care•  Security • Museums / Theatre / Galleries • Community pharmacy•  Trust • Music / Video / Film MydexIDBenefits to Organisations • Registration; Identity;•  Reduce cost Exam boards / SQA # • Employability • Authentication;•  Improved service • Digital letter box•  Better insight • Qualifications updates • Personal Directory•  Improved engagement Property ref # • Housing & Council Tax benefits • Housing Association transactionsOutcomes for the citizen • Manage property        DWP NI #•  Empowerment •  Universal credit•  Citizen / community HMRC UTR #•  Control / flexibility Networks•  Personalisation Professional Bodies •  BBC Alumni•  Enduring Lifelong repository •  Facebook • CPD Records•  Safety / Security •  Twitter • Qualifications •  LinkedIn • CharitiesSupports policy and reform elements •  Young Scot / NEC / CA • Voluntary support orgs•  Digital first •  Sky / C4 /ITV / C5 • SCVO•  Preventative Spending • LTCAS•  Public value (co-production) • Disability rights UK•  Localism ; self directed support • Bank / Credit Union / Building Society • ACEVO•  Personal responsibility • Insurance Policies / Pensions • NCVO•  Digitised UK • Energy / Telco / Retail / Transport  
  21. 21. Our platform delivers a persistent trusted connection between any organisation and the individual for permissioned two way data and exchange and interactions Customer can select the specific data attributes they wish to on what basis
  22. 22. The Mydex Platform works seamlessly within context of the Cross Government ID Assurance programme objectivesDWP Contract Award Scope•  Identity Assurance 21m people•  Control access to online services•  Pilots April 2013 / Live October 2013•  Framework Contract to offer:- •  Same services to 17 Government departments •  56m people in UK •  Business Identity in scope for future
  23. 23. Platform essentials Built from the start establish trust between parties within a secure environment •  Scalable Cloud Infrastructure •  IL2 > 3 •  ISO 27001 •  OIX / tScheme •  Unique identities •  256 PDS Encryption •  PDS can be stored anywhere •  Multifactor authentication •  PKI •  SAML / OAUTH •  OpenID / Mozilla Persona •  RESTful API json / XML / yaml •  Open Source / Standards •  Totally UK designed, and operated
  24. 24. Platform essentials - any device, any OS, any Language -Standards based API ely uniqu a l and dividu idual PD S is in y the indiv Each crypted b en HTTPS RESTful API json/xml/yaml api key ConID UID - All right reserved
  25. 25. Our platform is hyper secure but open to innovation fromanyone who can verify their identity and intentions
  26. 26. Open: We have full documentation, API and sandbox fordevelopment and testing of connections and apps
  27. 27. Clarity about the role of personal data stores is emerging in many - All right reserved
  28. 28. SPECIFIC
  29. 29. Return on investment is straightforward and significant for all organisations Measures Transactions Impacted •  Cost savings •  Billing •  Print and Postage •  Collections •  Data management •  Transaction history •  Front line service centres •  Receipting •  Systems Development / •  Forms processing Integration •  Quotations •  End to end transaction execution •  Contract and Tariff Management •  Compliance •  Call Centre traffic •  Risk reductions •  Face to Face traffic •  Improved Compliance •  Issue Management •  Improved Data Quality •  Reduced Data sparsity •  Inbound communications •  Improved Customer satisfaction •  Outbound communications •  Improved retention •  Risk Management •  Verification
  30. 30. Mydex is one of the key solutions to achieving UK Government strategy •  £20 Billion per annum savings needed in government •  Protect frontline services •  Make services sustainable, flexible, adaptable •  Deliver, simpler, clearer, faster solutions and services •  Redesign transactional services •  Start with needs and centre on the citizen - empower them •  Easy access digital services make digital channel most attractive •  Increased adoption rates •  Accessible for the infrequent user •  Remove barriers, improve decisions •  Increase clarity and understanding of communications •  Export our experience and expertise •  Stimulate innovation and