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Dance circle11042012

  1. 1. What is Dance Circle? Dance Circle is an online resource where you can give students mobile access to practice videos along with instructor feedback so they feel like they have their studio in their pocket 24/7 Students pay $15 a month for approved videos and content and Dance Circle shares that fee with your studio 50/50 Dance Circle keeps students connected and builds enthusiasm even when they are away from the studio; this makes practice a profitable part of your business.
  2. 2. One Stop ResourceCentre for AmateurDancersFeatured studioStudio listingsDance organisation listingsDance venue listingsAsk an expertArticlesBlogsTwitter FeedDance Cloud
  3. 3. Personalised PracticeResource for individualstudents andinstructorsStudio branded home pageAccess to “authorised” studioproduced videos specific to theindividual student, their level,dances and current progressInstructor feedback specific tothat studentSmart phone videos taken on alessonInstructor profileLinks to newsletter , blog, twitterand facebook
  4. 4. Creating Dance Circle The research  Dance symposium, millions accessing YouTube, poor quality material, conflicting advice  Growth of smart phones and technology  The student, instructor, studio relationship The team  The entrepreneur marketer, the web guru, the dance professional
  5. 5. Dance Circle A business tool that will  Provide students with an innovative, practical tool for practicing their dancing and storing their dance memories (Dance Cloud)  Generate direct revenue for dance studios  Provide participating studios with a competitive advantage in the marketplace  Build student loyalty to both their instructor and studio  Act as an information portal for amateur dancers and build a marketable database of studios and dancers
  6. 6. Dance Circle Home Page An unbiased resource website to help amateur dancers find a dance studio or dance related organisation plus provide useful information in the form of blogs, articles. FAQ’s etc  A limited version of the Dance Cloud facility will be available for a monthly or annual subscription This site is open to all dance studios who are able to list their studio at no cost Participating studios will have premium listings and can contribute articles and advice via FAQ’s
  7. 7. Student Dance Circle Page Login from Dance Circle homepage Student sees their personal control panel page with studio branding and welcome Dance step videos, technique and theory videos Instructor notes Studio information including optional newsletters, facebook, blog and twitter feeds
  8. 8. Dance Circle StudioConcept A subscription service providing students with access to practice videos and feedback created or posted by their studio  Supports a students’ learning with studio control  Formalises what students are already doing and makes sure they get the “right” information  Not a tool to teach you how to dance online Bonus of a Dance Cloud to store their own dance videos and pics
  9. 9. Benefits for the student Can access their videos and feedback 24/7 Can download onto smart phone, ipad or TV so can practice anywhere Will feel connected to dancing when on holidays or out of town Feel connected with their instructor Feel their studio really cares about their progress Are practicing with authorised videos so they know they are practicing the “right” material Good proof of progress Feel they are getting more value out of their lesson
  10. 10. Benefits for the studio Provides an additional, ongoing revenue stream  50% of subscriptions are returned to the studio on a monthly basis Only available to Dance Circle studios, a genuine competitive advantage Positions the studio as progressive and tech savvy  Keeps students plugged into your studio rather than listening to friends, Googling or trawling through YouTube Gives 24/7 access to students on a personal basis Generates lessons as students consolidate learnings and are keen to learn more Increases frequency of lessons as students are keen to be upgraded with access to new material
  11. 11. Frequently Asked Questions How do we produce videos?  Stock footage, professional development, allocate 20 minutes per day to get started  Film on lessons Will this take up too much of the instructors time?  End of lesson debrief  Replace existing tasks Will it advance students too quickly?  Consolidation and confidence tool only  Can be used to pace student learning
  12. 12. Frequently Asked Questions How does the payment structure work?  Initial studio set up fee $400, and $200 annual fee waived for 20+ students or deducted from subscriptions  Dance Circle enrols and bills students, studios paid monthly by direct deposit  Studios can set student subscription but recommend minimum of $15 per month  50% of all subscriptions revenue goes to the studio