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List of common irregular verbs 2222

  1. 1. INSTITUTO DE IDIOMAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD PRIVADA DE TACNANAME: _______________________________________________________ CYCLE: Intro 04 SHIFT: 9:10 TEACHER: C.N.A LIST OF COMMON IRREGULAR VERBS Nº Present P. Continuous 3rd Person Past Parcitiple Spanish 01 Be (am,is,are) Being Is Was / were Been Ser / estar 02 Begin Beginning Begins Began Begun Empezar 03 Bring Bringing Brings Brought Brought Traer 04 Build Building Builds Built Built Construir 05 Buy Buying Buys Bought Bought Comprar 06 Come Coming Comes Came Come Venir 07 Do Doing Does Did Done Hacer 08 Drink Drinking Drinks Drank Drunk Beber 09 Drive Driving Drives Drove Driven Manejar 10 Eat Eating Eats Ate Eaten Comer 11 Feel Feeling Feels Felt Felt Sentir 12 Find Finding Finds Found Found Encontrar 13 Fly Flying Flies Flew Flown Volar 14 Get Getting Gets Got Got / gotten Conseguir 15 Give Giving Gives Gave Given Dar 16 Go Going Goes Went Gone Ir 17 Grow Growing Grows Grew Grown Crecer 18 Have Having Has Had Had Tener 19 Know --- Knows Knew Known Saber / concer 20 Learn Learning Learns Learnt Learnt Aprender 21 Leave Leaving Leaves Left Left Salir / dejar 22 Make Making Makes Made Made Hacer 23 Meet Meeting Meets Met Met Encontrarse 24 Pay Paying Pays Paid Paid Pagar 25 Read Reading Reads Read Read Leer 26 Ride Riding Rides Rode Ridden Montar 27 Run Running Runs Ran Run Correr 28 Say Saying Says Said Said Decir 29 See Seeing Sees Saw Seen Mirar / ver 30 Sell Selling Sells Sold Sold Vender 31 Sing Singing Sings Sang Sung Cantar 32 Sit Sitting Sits Sat Sat Sentarse 33 Sleep Sleeping Sleeps Slept Slept Dormir 34 Speak Speaking Speaks Spoke Spoken Hablar 35 Swim Swimming Swims Swam Swum Nadar 36 Take Taking Takes Took Taken Tomar / asir 37 Teach Teaching Teaches Taught Taught Enseñar 38 Think Thinking Thinks Thought Thought Pensar 39 Wear Wearing Wears Wore Worn Vestir 40 Write Writing Writes Wrote Written Escribir
  2. 2. INSTITUTO DE IDIOMAS DE LA UNIVERSIDAD PRIVADA DE TACNANAME: _______________________________________________________ CYCLE: Intro 04 SHIFT: 9:10 TEACHER: C.N.A