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1. myco suite getting started


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Welcome. This presentation shows you how to to get started with MYCO Suite.

Background: MYCO Suite is an online collaboration solution for companies between 1 and 100 employees. CRM, Sales, Finance, Documents, Human resources, and project management in one integrated and easy to use environment.

1) Setup a free MYCO Suite account

2) Personalize your account

3) Add contacts and companies

4) Add colleagues

5) Introduction to the “user checker”

6) Links to more specific MYCO Suite functionality

(You can setup your Trial account at

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1. myco suite getting started

  1. 1.  CRM  -­‐  Sales    -­‐  Finance    -­‐  Documents    -­‐  Human  resources  -­‐  Projects   Ge9ng  started  
  2. 2. Your  online  &  mobile  account  ready  within  minutes!  •   Most  of  your  daily  business  acDviDes  in  one  cloud  soluDon.  •   Easy  to  setup  for  non  technical  business  owners  •   Focus  on  CollaboraDon  with  colleagues,  partners,  suppliers  &  customers.  
  3. 3. The  goal  of  this  presentaDon  is  to  help  you  in  ge9ng   started  with  a  MYCO  Suite  account     1.   Setup  a  free  MYCO  Suite  account   2.   Personalize  your  account   3.   Add  contacts  and  companies   4.   Add  colleagues   5.   IntroducDon  to  the  “user  checker”   6.   Links  to  more  specific  MYCO  Suite  funcDonaliDes  
  4. 4. Ge9ng  started  1.      Enter  your  email  address  and  receive  your  account  info   2.      Connect  your  mobile  with  the  same  account  info  
  5. 5. 3.      Use  the  welcome  box  to  quickly  add  customers,  contacts,  employees,              projects,  workspaces,  etc.  
  6. 6. 4.      Personalize  colors  and  add  your  logo   5.      Add  your  exisDng  contacts  
  7. 7. Your  imported  contacts  belong  to  companies.  LinkedIn:    A^er  the  import  you  can  assign  a  company  to  the  contact.  (example  on  the  right.)  6.      Create  their  company                accounts  
  8. 8. The  dashboard  when  collaboraDng  with  a  team  The  modules   Ac-vity   updates   Colleagues  &   Network  
  9. 9. Internal  security:  Be  always  in  control  as  business  owner  The  MYCO  Suite  user-­‐checker  has  been  designed  to  give  the  business  owner  peace  of  mind  on  what  colleagues  can  see  
  10. 10. In  case  you  have  colleagues:  7.      Add  your  colleagues  8.      Set  their  AuthorizaDons  
  11. 11. For  more  specific  informaDon  go  to:   CRM   Sales   Projects   Time   Billing   Expenses  Documents   Blog   HR