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Mychurch File Upload


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Mychurch File Upload

  1. 1. <ul><li>Remove the Activity tab from the following pages
  2. 2. Add Document page ( Audio page (
  3. 3. Add Video page (
  4. 4. Enable/highlight buttons once there is inputted text:
  5. 5. This is similar to how you enable the Comment button on the Media page once a user starts to enter text:
  6. 6. a) On the upload documents/audio/video/photos pages, can we enable the “Upload File” button once there is a path inputted into the Browse field?
  7. 7. b) On the photos/audio/documents/video details page, can we enable the “Add Comment” button once the user enters in some text:
  8. 8. c) On the add Youtube URL section of the Add Video page, can we enable the “Add Video” button once there is a path inputted into the Browse field?
  9. 9. I am unable to upload a document. Sometimes, the upload shows the page is being loaded but the progress bar is not updated:And other times, I just get the following:
  10. 10. This happens to me in both IE and FF
  11. 11. Note for Joe: I was not able to verify the following since Document uploading didn’t work for me:
  12. 12. After the user uploads a document, let’s display a validation message at the top of the document detail page:
  13. 13. Just like we do with video uploads. The message is “Your document is being processed and will take a couple minutes to be seen.”
  14. 14. Can you look into why SlideShare is taking so long to show the document after it’s uploaded through the API?
  15. 15. When I upload directly on, a doc shows within 1 minute. But the same doc has yet to be converted when uploaded through the API:
  16. 16. Perhaps there is something broken in our API call to upload?