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Mychurch File Upload

  1. 1. NPage Change u m b e rTours/Events 3 undone In Autocompleter for cities..Please use it is displaying a Location database that breaks down state in following the cities in United States under their formate:Lahain respective States. a, Alabama, Let’s take Palo Alto for example. Palo United States Alto is a city in California. However, there may be another Palo Alto city in another State. Therefore, when Palo Atlo is typed in, the database should pull out, Palo Alto, California, USA instead Palo Alto, United States. (Everywhere) 8 Tours/Events / Please make font type face Same with ShowUround Requests, please Everywhere and size for all the value when and after the user starts typing mention input and drop-down fields filedname (across the site) uniform. in the text or info for the text fields. For example, some drop- The text data font size/face should be down value fields' font is look like the bigger and different from others. Tours/Events Functionality to "delete" is Please add a functionality where Done undone owners of Events/Tours can edit or delete their own events/tours
  2. 2. Find Travel Guide - Front page layout The right column should show all the done undone registered online and offline Travel Guides above Online Travel Guides. - Please see item #4 and Pls insert pagination for a) viewing the #5 of attached next batches of Travels Guides ie 1 2 3 01Test_20081204 for … Next.. b) to show the total number additional comments of Travel Guides registered ie ### Results) Please change the layout of -Please make font type the front page [Find Travel Guide] of face and size for all the ShowUround to the mentioned layout. value input and drop-down fields (across the site) uniform. For example, some drop-down value fields' font is bigger and different from others. Find Travel Guide Please make font type face Please make [Activities] a multiple- please and size for all the value choices pull-down, looking something mention input and drop-down fields like this, where users can click all the filedname (across the site) uniform. boxes that apply: For example, some drop- down value fields' font is bigger and different from others. About me (edit profile) - need to check further Under Edit your ShowUround Profile > Done Travel Preferences, please allow - multiple entries for MULTIPLE entries of cities separated [Places I want to visit] is by comma here in [Places I can undone ShowUround] and [Places I want to visit] - Please see item #7 of As it is now, both fields do not accept attached multiple entries of cities 01Test_20081204 for additional comments About me (edit profile) insert space after commas Please allow MULTIPLE SELECTIONS Done here in [I’d love to show around] (with checkboxes on left ?) About me (edit profile) undone; the font for pull- Pease make the font type face and Done downs is different (bigger size of this field text consistent/similar and font typeface with the rest of the field texts. (in different?) sample itinerary) About me/everywhere need to test this further In this case, I chose 4 stars and I have Done two sets of 5 stars showing. It’s confusing…
  3. 3. 20081215 There are still 2 items that need to be worked on in this document. Undone Database Problem - All cities in 50 US Staes are showing under one State Alabama, United States For example, instead of Palo Alto, California, USA, it's showing as Palo Alto, Alabama, United States - Countries are showing twice, for example, Tokyo, Japan, Japan, Shanghai, China, China PLEASE FIX. Tours/Events -> Create Event/Tour Done OK - Repeats: - I charge: Select Select Tours/Events -> My Events/Tours - Duration - Repeat - Location - Activities Summary - Action Tours/Events -> All Events/Tours - Duration - Repeat - Location - Activities Summary - Action Delete Functionality Incomplete Done OK - To avoid accidental deletion, please add a functionality that warns the user that 'You are about to delete this event or tour? Are you sure you want to delete it? Yes No" Thus, if the user chooses Yes, it deletes the request and if the user chooses No the delete request will be cancelled
  4. 4. Incomplete plz check 12-18-2008 12-09-56 What's 12-09-56 AM.png? The modification for the front page AM.png layout that I sent out a while back has not been applied. - Pull down values for: Done OK - I speak: S - I prefer: - Between - With car - Pro/Non Pro - Search a destination: input box Please see attached doc 02Test Done OK Undone Done OK There are still commas Please see attached doc 02Test Please see attached doc 02Test Done OK Undone Done I tried rating "Nazeem" 4-star but when I moved the cursor away from the stars the star-rating returned to 3-star. Somehow there's a 3-star This needs to be tested some more. I still get an error. P default rating.
  5. 5. d some more. I still get an error. Please see the last document that I created dated 20081221