Are you looking for the best USDA Prime Wet Aged?


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Premium Gold Wet Aged Black Angus Beef- Experience the Highest Quality Beef, better than the finest steakhouse cuts around.

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Are you looking for the best USDA Prime Wet Aged?

  1. 1. Are you looking for the best USDA Prime Wet Aged?USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusFilet Mignon – Complete TrimSlowly wet aged for a buttery tenderness that you can cut with a fork, our USDA Prime FiletMignons are “Simply the Best”. These Filet Mignons are handpicked for color, marbling, andtexture. Only the finest cuts make it past our rigorous quality inspections.USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusBone-In Filet MignonIndulge in Excellence with our USDA Prime, Bone-In Filet Mignons. A true rarity, these FiletMignons are aged to perfection and have a buttery tenderness that you can cut with a fork.
  2. 2. USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusRibeyeOur USDA Prime, Wet Aged Ribeyes are rich in flavor and abundant in marbling. Known for it’sexceptional flavor, our USDA Prime Ribeyes are sure to please.USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusBoneless StripsOur USDA Prime boneless strips are meticulously wet aged to perfection and painstakinglyinspected for color, marbling, texture, tenderness, and flavor. Both tender and flavorful, theseBoneless Strips will be a hit.
  3. 3. USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusTop SirloinsOur USDA Prime Top Sirloins are Tender and Bold. Beefy flavor is what you want if you are aSirloin fan and that is what we deliver. Naturally lean, bursting with bold beef flavor yet stilltender, this is now, and always will be, one of the most flavorful steaks available.USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusT-BoneWith two sides of USDA Prime the T-Bone is the best of both With two sides of USDA Prime theT-Bone is the best of both worlds. Bone in, with a meaty strip loin one side of the bone and abuttery Filet Mignon on the other, this cut never fails to satisfy. Slowly wet aged with the bestgrade of beef available, this is a perfect steak for a very special occasion.
  4. 4. USDA Prime – Premium Gold AngusPorterhouseOur USDA Prime, Wet Aged Porterhouse has truly earned the title “King of Steaks”. Cut fromboth the Filet Mignon and the Strip, this Porterhouse is a perfect balance of tenderness andflavor.USDA-Prime-Steak-AssortmentsAbout us:Chicago Steak Company is the premier provider of gourmet steaks, seafood and desserts. Weare proud to continue the long and rich tradition of Delivering Mid-Western Corn-Fed USDAPrime, Black Angus, and Premium USDA Choice steaks to homes and businesses across America.Contact:Call 888-970-1118