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Camk te sep2010

  1. 1. Bringing Our Customers a Life of Health and WellnessWe are delighted to introduce you to our superior line of Nutritional Supplements and WeightManagement Products.Our mission is to help you and your customers look and feel terrific. We are privileged to offer you this opportunity toimprove your life, both financially and physically, while also helping you to improve the lives of others.We provide a unique opportunity for you, the FHTM Canada Representative, to earn unlimited income.There is no limit to the number of Customer Points and amount of residual income you can earn through TrueEssentials product sales. Maximize your income by taking advantage of the You Choose CGU (25% residual income)and TE Double Bonus options. Learn more about these opportunities by reading the TE Product page posted on theFHTM University web site.Health and Wellness are foundational to optimal living and enjoyment of life.We use the term health to refer to the absences of sickness, yet there is much more to life than not being sick.Wellness refers to feeling our best and looking terrific. By making lifestyle choices, such as taking high quality nutri-tional supplements regularly, your customers have the potential to feel energetic, look vibrant, reduce discomfort andpain, slow the effects of aging, and improve their overall wellbeing. Speak with your customers about the pursuit ofwellness and optimal living.Daily supplementation provides a known supply of reliable nutrition to ensure that your customersobtain important nutrition and are able to live well and feel well.Surveys and studies show that a very small number of us, including the well-intentioned, actually eat according torecommended guidelines to obtain the baseline amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed ona daily basis. North Americans are often over-fed and undernourished because we tend to eat calorie-rich, nutrient-poor foods. Supplements are necessary to make up for the nutrients our diets lack. Explain the value and importanceof supplementation to your customers.Our products are designed to provide maximum benefit and make a dramatic difference in people’slives.True Essentials Nutritional Supplements target a variety of needs and benefits including foundational health (Multi-Vitamins), whole foods goodness (Fruit & Vegetable Essentials), and prostate health support (Men’s Pro-Care). Yourcustomers will feel the difference these products make in how their mind and body function; they will notice howvibrant and healthy they can look; and they will become your loyal customers.For customers who wish to manage their weight, we are pleased to offer several products and the Fit &Healthy Club program to assist their efforts.In the Weight Management and Fitness product category, we offer Appetite Control, Fibre Powder, Fat & CarbControl, Protein Shakes and Energizer Tea. We also offer several attractive sales and party accessories to help youpromote the TE Weight Management products to your customers: TE Pedometer, Tape Measure, Reminder Pill Box,Shaker Cup and Water Bottle.SALES TIP: BE A PRODUCT OF YOUR PRODUCT Use True Essentials natural health products to ben- efit your own health and wellness. You will then be able to share your success story with others and cre- ate loyal customers.
  2. 2. Party TimeIntroduce your friends, family, neighbors and workassociates to True Essentials by organizing productparties. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Allow guests to sample Energizer Tea. Have hot water on hand and also prepare a pitcher of iced tea so that your guests can sample and enjoy both versions of this delicious and nutritious beverage. Mix up a variety of Protein Shakes. Recipe ideas are posted on the True Essentials web site. Make a few differ- ent recipes and serve them in small cups so that each batch goes a long way. Demonstrate how easily TE Fibre Powder dissolves into tap water, then have guests sample the water to see how invisible and slightly sweet it is. Guests may also wish to sample the Fibre Powder by adding a small amount to their Protein Shake or Energizer Tea. Have True Essentials product containers on display for your guests to see and handle. Ask your customers and business partners to help you collect sample bottles. Have catalogs available for your guests to review and use. If you are able to have a computer available, show guests the True Essentials web site. Encourage them to place an order online using the computer provided. Explain which True Essentials natural health products your family uses and why. Share stories of friends and fam- ily who benefit from and rely on True Essentials Supplements. Allow other TE customers in the group to share their stories. Ask your guests for party bookings so that you can introduce True Essentials to their friends, family and neighbors as well. Add a fit and healthy theme to your party. Invite guests to wear com- fortable clothing and bring a favorite good-for-you recipe. Ask a dance teacher, yoga instructor or personal trainer to offer a demonstration in which guests can participate. Play part of a FABS fitness program to allow the guests to partake in some stretching or core strengthening exercises. Plan some fun activities and games to break the ice and make the party memorable. Incorporate games and prizes into the party activities. Memory Game: Place health, beauty and fitness accessories on a tray; let guests examine the tray for a minute or two, then remove the tray from the room and have guests write down as many items as they can remember. The Price is Right Game: Show your guests an assortment of health and beauty items one at time, having them write down what they guess the price of each item to be. Whoever has the closest total will be the winner. Guessing Game: Fill a container with some form of capsule, tablet or treat; have guests guess how many of items it took to fill the container.
  3. 3. Our Customers Feel the Benefits!Benefit your health and the health of your “ How wonderful to have found True Essentials Jointfamily and friends with True EssentialsTM, a pre-mium quality natural health product line that helps Solutions with HA and CoQ10 Cellular Health!you obtain a state of nutritional well-being. True They have made a great difference in my life. JointEssentials works continually to incorporate scientific Solutions dramatically decreased the hip and legadvances into our exception products. The road towellness begins with True Essentials. pain I was feeling, and the CoQ10 helped with myThe following products are offered: fatigue.“CoQ10 Cellular Health is a potent antioxidant Jennifer Quillensupplement that provides a highly absorbable formof CoQ10 to promote cellular protection and themaintenance of good health.Fruit Essentials and Vegetable Essentials pro-vides the goodness and benefits of whole, rawfruits and vegetables which help the body tometabolize fats and proteins, while also providingpowerful antioxidant protection for the mainte- True Essentials Product Catalognance of good health. You may use the catalog to show potential custom-Joint Solutions with HATM provides an outstandingnutritional formula for maintaining healthy joints. ers the benefits of the True Essential product line.This supplement is useful for adults who are active, Each catalog has information in both English andoverweight, or experiencing joint pain and stiffness.Joint Solutions with HA™ may relieve joint pain French, making it easy to use for multiple potentialassociated with osteoarthritis and help to protect customers. To place an order, visit your Back Officeagainst cartilage deterioration. or the True Essentials website today!Multivitamin Essentials provides a foundationalsupply of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Men’s Pro-Care supplies minerals and plant nutri-ents targeted for the maintenance of prostatehealth.
  4. 4. Look and Feel Great! “I started the True EssentialsTrue Essentials offers a comprehensive weight managementprogram designed to help our customers reach their health and Program at the end of goals. Our natural health products supply outstanding tar- I was amazed that I was nevergeted nutrition that makes it easier for customers to obtain andmaintain a desirable body weight. hungry. The pounds and inches began to drop off. I couldn’tA Positive Strategy Rather than focusing on calorie countingand deprivation, we take a positive approach to weight manage- get over how much better Iment, encouraging the addition of nutritious foods, supplements,and activities to one’s daily regimen so that a more fit and healthy felt. I saw my doctor in Junebody are the natural result. Participants in our “Lose to Win” and had lost 40 pounds and 26weight management program learn to exchange bad habits, junkfood and unwanted inches for a lifestyle of health, fitness, energy, inches overall. I feel great.”and confidence. We believe that small choices lead to big changes. Robert StephensEncourage your customers to place an order and get started today!Protein Shake: a nutritious weight management shake that pro-vides 25 grams of protein, 5 grams of fibre, and only 160 calories. www.trueessentials.caAvailable in three delicious flavors: strawberry, chocolate and For more information on the True Essentialsvanilla. products, visit Here you will find information regarding theAppetite Control: combines ingredients that have been shown to contents of each product, research references,help control appetite, increase satiety and increase energy. and frequently asked questions.Energizer Tea: an instant tea, enjoyed hot or cold, that providesnatural antioxidants, helps to promote alertness, and may increaseenergy and endurance.Fat & Carb Control: helps to reduce caloric intake by blocking theabsorption of fats and reducing the digestion of carbohydrates.Fibre Powder: contributes to the maintenance of a healthful intesti-nal environment and overall general health by providing a synergis-tic combination of soluble, tasteless prebiotic fibre and Lactobacillusacidophilus, a powerful probiotic.The True Essentials Weight Management Programwalks customers through the process of developing positive healthand fitness habits that they can stick with for life. The program willbenefit individuals and groups seeking to enjoy a life of improvedfitness, confidence and health.